Bahama Banker Scam Review – Latest Binary Scam

Bahama Banker Scam Review – Latest Binary Scam

Bahama Banker Scam Review

Bahama Banker Review

Bahama Banker is the latest binary trading scam to spring up in the binary trader. This app was developed by Herald Beckman and he introduced this scam just a few hours ago and has been aided by email marketers who have been earning commissions by selling this scam to unsuspecting online investors. We have been asked by one of our new email subscribers who lost his money after depositing with Bahama Banker’s trading account. We did a thorough investigation and came up with concrete evidence that this app is nothing but a fraud and should be avoided at all cost! We will reveal the mask behind this scam and ensure that the binary trading people stay safe and avoid depositing money with these scams that have been bombarding the binary trading world every single week. Kindly read our full and detailed review of the Bahama Banker scam before making a decision that will ruin your life or your hard earned money going to waste.


The Developer

Herald Beckman claims to be the founder, inventor and CEO of the Bahama Banker trading app. During the presentation video, he claims to have been in the Bahamas for over 12 years and he once had clients who were dirty as well as respectable people and he noticed that there were huge amounts of binary trading account owners who were moving their accounts to the Bahamas. He further states that he ensured that he got the right people to create this app which will make newbie traders over $1250 on daily basis not forgetting the fact that this software has an amazing risk free accuracy of 100%. This presentation is full of lies and misleading information top of them being the bogus faces one sees on the member area of the app’s website page.

Bahama Banker Binary Review

Scam Revealed

The developer claims that this software has over ten thousand members who are earning over a thousand dollars every day. We had to conduct a thorough investigation on the domain’s credibility and the fact is that this app’s website has been up and running for just over three months. The question we ask is how Herald Beckman managed to get 10K members within three months, which is a record. This doesn’t make any sense at all! There is no software on earth that has 100% risk free. The market is always volatile and price change constantly and abruptly. This changes are brought about by political interference, weather and global business reactions.

Our Conclusion

Bahamas Banker Binary Review

Bahama Banker is full of phony identities, misleading information and details which are not in line with the financial world. There are experienced and trusted binary trading experts who will point you to the right direction on the apps which are genuine and tested by the authorities. Bahama Banker is nothing but a scam that is designed to steal money from newbie binary traders. This is not a genuine trading tool and does not execute any winning trades. We have no other option but to flag the Bahama Banker as a complete fraud that will harm your finances.

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