Binary Algobot Scam Review – Cheap Scam.

Binary Algobot Scam Review – Cheap Scam.

Binary Algobot Scam Review.

Binary Algobot is another shocking binary trading tool scam. Binary Algobot is an old scam that has been re-introduced in the market recently. Just like the other scams we have reviewed, Binary Algobot promises high and quick profit returns. We decided to take a look at the bot that is promising users heaven only to deliver hell.

Binary Algobot apparently uses a one of a kind algorithm that is able to correctly predict all trades. This means that ten out of ten trades is guaranteed. They are also guaranteeing your money back if you don’t win. This all sounds too good to be true so we decided to conduct a thorough investigation that reveals the truth about Binary Algobot.

How Binary Algobot works.

Binary Algobot Scam Review

This trading tool apparently sends you trading signals that users should follow. The tool has the capacity to execute over 14 trades every day. It apparently trades in every session worldwide. The trade time starts from five to thirty minutes and the signals are sent through MT4, emails and phones. They also throw in the claim that it is compatible with any asset that users find in Meta trader 4.

Developer of Binary Algobot.

Binary Algobot is a fraudulent trading tool since the presentation video does reveal the name of its creator. Binary Algobot is definitely a scam since we cannot believe what the presenter of the video says. This is clearly a money making scheme meant to take advantage of unsuspecting online investors. Who would invent a profitable money making tool and not get recognition? This is one of the many lies we will expose in this full blown exposure of Binary Algobot scam. Here’s another lie we uncovered.

The claim that they have discovered a flaw or loophole in the financial market does not hold any basis. This is in fact, illegal. This is hard proof that we are dealing with online fraudsters. Their main aim is to lure unsuspecting online investors especially newbie binary traders. Once you deposit money with them, the money will disappear within minutes. The only thing guaranteed is that you will end up losing your hard earned cash.

Alarming things found.

The first claim that you can make money with this app is total crap. They guarantee that you will make money with this bot and be a millionaire in six months’ time. Carefully read through the disclaimer at the bottom of the homepage. You will find it written that all information that pertains to the web site. It reads that Binary Algobot is for educational purposes only and is in no way intended to provide financial advice.

One of the many mistakes that these fraudsters commit is on the trade dates. We are able to detect and clearly point out one of the many mistakes that these fraudsters commit. The date 16th April is clearly marked as a successful trade date. If you take your time to look at your calendar, this is on a Sunday. There is no financial market trading that operates on weekends. This is concrete proof that Binary Algobot is completely fake and does not hold any bearing in the real world. How is Binary Algobot able to trade during the weekends?

Don’t expect us to take you seriously when you claim that your app works 24/7. This is simply one of those lies that you have to point out. This is crystal clear evidence that we are dealing with bona fide scam artists. We have always pointed out in our previous scam reviews that bots that beat the clock on weekends are just scam. The video presentation also shows that Binary Algobot is an approved and verified bot. This is not true. Even the binary community trading world doesn’t know about Binary Algobot. There is no third party to verify any of Binary Algobot’s claims.

All you need to know.

Binary Algobot apparently runs on auto pilot mode and has a guaranteed winning rate of over 98%. Binary Algobot presentation video claims that there is not a bot on earth that can match its qualities. This all sounds very convincing and that’s why we decided to continue digging. Binary Algobot claims that their algorithm apparently does magic when running on auto pilot mode.

Readers we are binary trading experts and there is no app on earth that has this insane accuracy levels. This is another method these scam artists use to set the trap to defraud online investors. We have clearly revealed all the tricks these fraudsters use to take your money. We strongly recommend that you stay away from Binary Algobot.

Binary Algobot Scam Review

Binary Algobot is fully automated. You can start making money with the click of a button. This bot can draw many newbies who want to start making money with binary trading but have no experience. You should however not put all your effort, time and money on fully automated systems because they have their own issues. Furthermore, they will make you lazy such that you will not see it necessary to learn more about basics of binary option trading.

The claim that Binary Algobot can make $7000 per day is farfetched. Even the best bot that is very accurate doesn’t earn more than $1000. If these kinds of software existed, we would be having very many millionaires. He says that 319 residents became millionaires. This is not a small feat to accomplish. This kind of news ought to have been published in major news sites. All we needed was for him to give us links to articles that have been written about this bot but he doesn’t show any.

More lies.

Binary Algobot claims that his program is endorsed by the CNN which is another of his big lies. There is nothing at all that would support this by any means. We have seen these scam sites give the same claims that they have been endorsed by the likes of BBC, FOX and even magazines such as Forbes while this is entirely false. This old trick only serves to convince people that the scams are legitimate while in the real sense we all now they are not even an inch closer to be being legal.

Binary Algobot is using Unregulated Brokers.

Another lie that must be exposed is the fact that the trading tool is using unregulated brokers. Once you sign up with this trading tool, you are not allowed to use your normal broker channels. This is risky in that your money will always be at the mercy of these brokers. Even when you want to withdraw your initial deposit, the process must be approved by these brokers that you don’t know. The problem with unregulated brokers is that you cannot report them when they refuse to give back your money.

Fake Testimonials.

Why can’t we get a hold of any of the people who claim to win with Binary Algobot? The answer is simple, they are fake and there is no money to win, just lose. They would at least show us payments from the trading tool as proof of winning. Even money paying sites such as Skrill have not heard of any payments done from this trading tool. Binary Algobot is a scam and is attracting users all thanks to these empty promises.

Alarming things found.

We did a thorough investigation using to determine when the company was registered. We were shocked to find out that the company was registered early April. The fact that the people claiming to have won big with this trading tool are lying. One lie we expose is Richard who claims to have made over $50,000 since January. How did he make money with this trading tool when the website was not even created? This is definitely a scam to avoid.

The Divisions of Corporations also does not have any date of registration of this company. This is without a doubt the lie of the year. This company is not registered anywhere on the face of the planet making it a total sham.

Binary Algobot is NOT FREE.

They claim that this one of a kind trading tool is free of charge. The truth is, once you register, you will be redirected to the member’s page. On this page, you are required to make an initial deposit of $250 to start trading. Didn’t they claim that the trading tool is free? Why are they insisting on users to deposit this money? This is what most people refer to as hidden charges, which is illegal and should not be condoned.

Why then do they claim that the profits are a guarantee? This is an obvious lie to bring in more users and protect themselves from any liabilities. The claim that users will make 100% profit which is guaranteed is all a strategy to steal from you. Once you deposit your money into the crooks account, your money is as good as gone.

Our Verdict.

Binary Algobot Scam Review

Binary Algobot is without a doubt the scam of the month. Stay away from it and get the best trading tools that experts recommend. There are indeed real and tested bots that will make realistic profit margins. These apps will guarantee you trade safely and never lose money. Trade safely.

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