Binary IQ Software Scam Review – Treacherous Scam!

Binary IQ Software Scam Review – Treacherous Scam!

Binary IQ Software Scam Review.

Binary IQ Software Scam Review

Binary IQ Software is a new binary trading system that has lately found itself in the binary trading world. The presentation video starts with a huge selling point, that this bot is the ultimate binary trading weapon. They also claim that this is a proven and verified signal system which we obviously had to look into. The developers of this app claim that it will guarantee over 80% of all trades and turn them into winning trades. You do not need any prior binary trading experience while dealing with this system. They claim that the interface is easy to use.

The Binary IQ app is not for free and comes at an enormous price tag of $169.99. If this app is legitimate as they claim, then this price is not too high. We conducted a thorough and pinpoint investigation to determine the legality of this app as well as why newbie traders have been sending us emails claiming that this bot is stole their money immediately they started depositing with the app. We have years of binary trading experience and the last thing we would like to hear is the binary trading world being tarnished by lousy scams such as Binary IQ App.

The Binary IQ Developers.

It came as a no surprise to us that this app has no mention of the developer of it let alone the company that owns this bot. Once you log into the home page of, there is nowhere that mentions who the real owners of this bot are, making us question the legitimacy of the app. This is a huge black spot that raises the question of who is really behind this bogus scam. This is one of the many tactics that online fraudsters use to lure in unsuspecting binary options newbies as well as online investors into signing up with them.

We have concrete evidence that proves that the people behind this rotten scam are also the ones behind Binary Today Secret scam. We can almost immediately start to see too many similarities between these two scams and hence we joined the dots. For us, the difference between the two fake apps is the names, otherwise, everything else shouts at the same scam artists. Who would come up with a legitimate app and not want recognition for it? Only scammers would pretend to have a legitimate app and not show their names because they know that this is a risk they can’t take.

How Binary IQ works.

Binary IQ Software Scam Review

This app apparently sends you trading signals that users should follow. The app apparently has the capacity to execute over 14 trades every day and apparently trades in every session worldwide. The trade time starts from five to thirty minutes and the signals are sent through MT4, emails and phones. They also throw in the claim that this app is compatible with any asset that users find in Meta trader 4. This is really a ploy to show newbie traders that this app can work with any device from anywhere on the face of the planet.

Alarming things found.

The first claim that you can make money with this app is total crap. They guarantee that you will make money with this bot and be a millionaire in six months’ time. However, if you read through the disclaimer at the bottom of the homepage, you will find it written that all information that pertains to the web site is for educational purposes only and is in no way intended to provide any financial advice. Well folks you have it, even the website says that they are not selling services for financial reasons, just educational. This simply means that if you deposit money with the app, they are not liable for any losses made, your money goes down the drain.

If you scroll down at the home page, you will see claims for verified analysis and also verified trading results. The alarming thing is that these people do not present us with any third party results. When an app makes claims like these, we have to see proof that we can verify in order to ascertain the results of trading with this app.

More Red Flags.

Binary IQ Software Scam Review

Once you are on the home page of this bogus scam, you will see what looks like live trading results. We did a quick search using and found concrete evidence that points out the fact that this app was registered on 10th March 2017. The question still remains, how these people can be claiming to be trading from January till today still remains a mystery to us. You can also see the date in one of the trading sessions to be 15th January 2017 which happens to be on a Sunday. This must be the first trading app that trades when the markets are closed, making the app a total sham.

When you try to purchase this app, you will be redirected to where you see a difference in the price than what we were earlier told as %169.99 and later they sell the app at $211.20. The testimonials used on this bot are all stolen identities. These are stolen online identities and therefore we cannot confirm what they are telling is true or not. However we are sure that this is also another ploy by online scam artists who use this trick to try and show validity of what they are selling.

Our Conclusion.

Binary IQ Software Scam Review

The truth is that, you can earn reasonable profit using approved and genuine robots which have been verified and tested. Always make sure you have a good and reputed binary trading experts on your side so that you can avoid into falling into such traps like the Binary IQ scam. We love the binary trading world and have to ensure that scams like this don’t have to see the light of day. We have no other option but to flag Binary IQ app as a total scam that should be avoided at all costs. Stay safe and trade with the right trading tools for reasonable profit margins.

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Here, we present you with the ultimate online resource that’ll help you tell the binary option robot scams apart from the more viable options. We’ll ensure that you avoid the scam brokers and software, and find legit ones.

The worst binary options scams have been known to randomly generate trades, or they may even deliberately destroy your profits. Familiarize yourself with these trading robot names and avoid them at all costs as you invest in binary options.

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