Binary Options Revenge Scam Review – Dismal Trading Bot.

Binary Options Revenge Scam Review – Dismal Trading Bot.

Binary Options Revenge Scam Review.

Binary Options Revenge Scam Review

Binary Options Revenge is another binary bombshell scam to rock the lucrative binary world. Binary Options Revenge was released just a few days ago and has already caused massive losses. Online investors and binary trading newbies rushed to sign up with this scam thanks to promises being made. From making high and quick profits to money guaranteed all day, the trap was set.

We are experienced binary options traders and we believe that traders can earn money with binary options. The way to do it is to use accepted and tested bots that will earn them reasonable profit margins. We have received numerous email complaints and we decided to warn traders about Binary Options Revenge. Rest assured that this review is transparent and exposes the scam as well as fraudsters behind this shameful scam.

The Developer of Binary Options Revenge.

The truth is that we cannot pin point the person behind this bogus bot. On the Binary Options Revenge website, you cannot see any information regarding the creator or developer of this scam. There is no mention of a name or company that is behind this bot making us question it more. How can you come up with a so called amazing bot and don’t want recognition? If that’s the case, why not even mention the company that developed the bot for you? This raises a lot of questions regarding Binary Options Revenge.

The claim that for years Binary Options Revenge has been helping millions of people trade effectively and efficiently. This is simply pure bull. The presentation video starts by claiming that you will make money at home even without doing anything. We did a quick search using the approved database which is a domain checker. We found out that this bot was officially registered on May 2016. This clearly shows that the bot for years has not made anyone a millionaire. This is just a ploy to rake in newbie traders and steal their money within a heartbeat.

The owners of this trading tool claims that Binary Options Revenge is free of charge and signing up is free. They also mention that this trading tool will make money automatically without users having to break a sweat. This means that users will continue with their daily routines as the bot generates money for them. This also means that newbie traders who do not know anything about trading can easily use this trading tool.

Binary Options Revenge Scam Exposed.

The fact that the trading tool has a 100% accuracy level is also bull. The binary trading market as well as any other financial market cannot be predicted all the time. The truth is that the prices of commodities change abruptly due to unforeseen circumstances.

These factors include boardroom wars, political interference as well as demand and supply factors. This makes it hard, even for the best traders to predict prices at all times. This means that Binary Options Revenge wins all trades it places. This is a lie.

Why can’t we get a hold of any of the people who claim to win with Binary Options Revenge? The answer is simple, they are fake and there is no money to win, just lose. They would at least show us payments from the trading tool as proof of winning.

Even money paying sites such as Payoneer have not heard of any payments done from this trading tool. Binary Options Revenge is a scam and is attracting users all thanks to these empty promises.

The presentation video does not mention the partners who are involved with Binary Options Revenge. This is suspiciously so and hence we decided to further investigate the truth behind this one of a kind scam. There is also no mention of the company’s name that is behind this fake trading tool. This is another reason why we are strongly condemning the use of Binary Options Revenge.

Binary Options Revenge Scam Review

This is one of the many strategies that these fake developers use to con money from innocent online traders. You can clearly see the widget containing live profits is dormant and remains so even after refreshing the page. This is also proof that even the website does not work as they claim. This is also another reason why we believe Binary Options Revenge is totally bogus.

Binary Options Revenge using Unregulated Brokers.

Binary Options Revenge is using unregulated brokers. This means that once you deposit money with them, the money is at the mercy of these scam artists. The problem with using these unregulated brokers is one, you cannot report them once they take away your money.

This is why we always state in all our reviews that users should use trusted bots that have regulated brokers. With regulated brokers, your money is in safe hands. Some of the brokers that this bot is using is blacklisted brokers so you should avoid this software.

Binary Options Revenge NOT FREE.

Binary Options Revenge is not for free and comes at an enormous price tag of $497.99. If this bot is legitimate as they claim, then this price is too high. We conducted a thorough and pinpoint investigation to determine the legality of this bot.

We have years of binary trading experience and the last thing we would like to hear is the binary trading world being tarnished. Lousy scams such as Binary Options Revenge should not tarnish the binary world.

More Red Flags Found.

One of the many mistakes that these fraudsters commit is on the trade dates. We are able to detect and clearly point out one of the many mistakes that these fraudsters commit. The date 26th March is clearly marked as a successful trade date.

If you take your time to look at your calendar, this is on a Sunday. There is no financial market trading that operates on weekends. This is concrete proof that Binary Options Revenge is completely fake. How is Binary Options Revenge able to trade during the weekends?

You cannot be respected or taken seriously when you claim that your app works 24/7. This is simply one of those lies that you have to point out. This is crystal clear evidence that we are dealing with bona fide scam artists. We have always pointed out in our previous scam reviews that apps that beat the clock on weekends are just scam.

The video presentation also shows that Binary Options Revenge is an approved and verified app. This is not true. Even the binary community trading world doesn’t know about this app. There is no third party to verify any of Binary Options Revenge’s claims.

More Damaging Lies.

Binary Options Revenge is one of those bots that supposedly uses mathematical equations to determine the best possible scenarios for successful trading. According to the developer, Binary Options Revenge uses data which has been stored from years ago. It analyzes and accurately predict the outcome of successful trades. After analyzing all the information, the bot executes the best trades and helps users make “continuous” profits. For the rest of their lives. Lies

What is disturbing about Binary Options Revenge is the claim it can decode millions of data at a second. It will do all this and still make the right decision. There is no super computer on earth that can ever manage to hold all the financial data in one place. No trader makes money every day and does not get or execute losing trades. This is not possible, even the very best in the business have to lose at one point when dealing in any financial market. You cannot make money during the weekends for simple reasons, all the financial markets in the world are closed during the weekends, and it’s that simple.

The Truth about these Scam Artists.

We have concrete evidence that proves that the people behind this rotten scam are also the ones behind Binary trading scams. We can almost immediately start to see too many similarities between scams and hence joined the dots. For us, the difference is the names, otherwise, everything else shouts at the same scam artists.

Who would come up with a legitimate bot and not want recognition for it? Only scammers would pretend to have a legitimate bot and not show their names because they know that this is a risk they can’t take.

When you land on the home page, you will get to see this bot in play. According to the video presentation, this app apparently executes 973 trades daily and has a win ratio of 98%. In the web site’s own home page, you will see a different story as they claim Binary Options Revenge has a win ratio of over 100%. This to us is a total misrepresentation of the truth. The sad truth is that the video presentation is without a doubt, fabricated. This is not the end of it!

Our Verdict.

Binary Options Revenge Scam Review

Binary Options Revenge is without a doubt A SCAM. We highly recommend that you use verified and trusted bots in order to trade safely. There are indeed bots that are fully backed by the trading community and trusted by many. Avoid Binary Options Revenge and trade safely with the best trading tools the market has to offer.

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