Centobot App Scam Review – Dishonest App!

Centobot App Scam Review – Dishonest App!

Centobot App Software Scam Review.

Centobot App Scam Review

Centobot App is the latest binary options bot to be designed for binary trading. According to the video presentation, this app will guarantee heavy profit margins of over 90% of all trades executed. If you have never traded with binary options, the app guarantees that you do not need any prior experience. Centobot App will do the work for you and all you have to do is sit down and relax and hit the trade button. What is more interesting is the fact that you can even trade using cents. This got us interested and we decided to dig deeper and find out this bot is all about.

Developer of Centobot App.

One of the most interesting things we found out about this app is that there is no way of knowing who the owner of this app. We cannot really point out who is really behind this bogus app. When you land on the home page of Centobot.com, you will not see any information about the developers or creators of the app in question. There isn’t a company on earth that is rallying behind this app making us question its legitimacy. This is a red flag that we cannot simply wish it away. This our dear readers is an indication of a scam.

How Centobot works.

The web site does not clearly explain this bot works and the only information we managed to get is that this app is automated. The fact that this app runs on auto mode does not warrant trusting the people behind the app. We therefore cannot commit our or your investment on a software we don’t know the owners or how it works. There is nowhere we are told how the algorithms of this bot is based. This is another concrete proof that the owners of this app are playing us for fools.

Alarming things found.

The first red flag that we spotted is the claim that you will make huge returns of over 120%. This our readers is next to impossible with binary options. With normal bots that are legitimate and approved by the regulation body, the normal profit margins range from 70% to 80% and even this is not guaranteed. This outcome happens if the trader or robot manages to guess the right outcome of trades. The graphic that we see on the Centobot home page is therefore a complete exaggeration of the truth.

Centobot App Scam Review

We further conducted a short inquiry using whois.com database which clearly shows that the domain was registered on 16th February 2017. How then did this app get attention and recognition from different organizations to the point of receiving awards long before this date? This is a trick that online fraudsters use to lure in unsuspecting binary trading newbies into signing up with bogus scams such as Centobot App. The fact of the matter is that we cannot confirm for sure whether there is an award for best bot even exists. We never heard about it. Here’s our question, don’t you think the rest of the financial world would have heard of this amazing bot named Centobot App?

What happens after registering?

Once you register with your name and email, password and phone number, the app will automatically create your trading account and set you up with their recommended broker. The app guarantees users that it’s free but once you sign up, the broker requires a $10 deposit and thus offers the user investments into your trades for as little as ten cents. This is odd simply because most regulated brokers will ask for a minimum deposit of $250 in order to activate the user’s account.

The minimum trade investment is usually $5 and that’s one of the huge reasons why we believe this trading app is a pure scam that guarantees destruction for users who sign up with it. Our investigations strongly reveal that investing your hard earned money into such shady app will only lead to losing cash as fast as you deposited it. We already have received numerous complaints from newbie binary traders who tried their hand on this app and lost their money immediately they deposited with this scam app. We therefore urge readers not to try out this bot in any way.

Scam Exposed.

The claim that you will make money with this app is a total lie. The guarantee that you will be a millionaire within six months is just a ploy to see who will fall into these scammers trap. If you carefully read through the disclaimer at the bottom of the Centobot App home page, you will find information that says the web site is not liable to any losses made while dealing with products from the web site. This clearly means that if you deposit your money with this app, you are not guaranteed of making any profits and therefore making loses is also possible.


This app does not look promising from any corner that you view it. Centobot App is simply a scam whose sole intention is to rip off unsuspecting online investors in this case binary trading newbies. The developers of this app sole intention is to loot your money all this for a promise of fast rewards. The only thing that the user does is to register and then imagines money streaming in all thanks to this app. This is not the case, you cannot simply sit back and get money, and the world does not work that way. Furthermore, if this were true, we would all be millionaires.

Our Verdict.

Centobot App Scam Review

There are indeed real and approved binary options apps that guarantee reasonable profit margins. All one needs is to seek guidance from professionals who will point you to the right direction ensuring you will not fall prey to online scams. Always rely on reputable trading tools that are industry regulated and accepted by the binary trading community. We are revealing all fake apps as soon as they are introduced in the market so that we can protect the good name of binary trading. We therefore have no option but to flag Centobot App as a dirty scam that should be avoided at all costs.

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