Hydra App Honest Scam Review – Beware

Hydra App Honest Scam Review – Beware

Hydra App Scam Review.

Hydra App Scam Review

Hydra App is the latest app that guarantees users a minimum of $5000 daily. They promise that this will happen every day for the rest of your life. Hydra App is also free of charge and has a winning ratio of 100%.

This means that you will make profits from all the trades you make. Hydra App is also one of the few apps that run on auto pilot. This means you can sit down and let the app make money for you without breaking a sweat. This all sounds like a fairy tale. We decided to investigate further and see what Hydra App is really about. We urge our readers to read this full and transparent review and find out why we are flagging this software as scam that should be avoided at all costs.

Abraham Epstein.

This is the man behind Hydra App and his name sounds like Albert Einstein. According to the information we have gathered, this developer was an employee with social media giant company Facebook. His main role was to analyze data and develop algorithms that predicted trends that would go viral. This is all but a lie meant to create a persona who is intellectual so that people can believe the product he is selling.

After conducting a thorough research on the man, we found that he is an associate with hydraapp.biz web page. The name Abraham Epstein is just fictional whose role is played by a paid actor.

Hydra App and how it works.

During the presentation video, we are told that Hydra App’s goal is to generate maximum profits at all times. This app is able to do this thanks to the complex algorithm the creator used. This app is able to predict profitable trades all day long. The algorithms used to create this app have live access to data feeds from all the financial markets. The app apparently uses multi server cloud, to analyze billions of data in real time. If the app notes that a trade may take the wrong turn, it places a second trade in the opposite direction.

Thus, the app will cancel the previous trade and prevent the user from incurring losses. However, anyone with even the slightest binary trading know how will clearly point out that this is not going to happen. No one can break even trade by what is referred as opposite betting. Most traders lose money this way and it is highly advised not to use this method. What is this that they are claiming to be guaranteed? We are sure that there is nothing guaranteed in the financial world. Markets are affected by unforeseen events such as political interference, boardroom wars etc. Clearly, not everything is guaranteed.

We should not forget the fact that no one can make trades during the weekends. How is the app making all these money when all the financial markets are closed? All financial markets are closed on Saturdays and Sundays and we clearly don’t understand how this app is making money. The simple answer is that the app is just a scam that is meant to lure unsuspecting binary trading newbies. We strongly believe that Hydra App is a scam that should be avoided by everyone.

Disturbing things Found.

Hydra App Scam Review

During the video presentation, we see Abraham showing us how this app works. We see him making an initial deposit of $250. When we look at the trading platform, we are stunned to notice that there is no mention of the app. Hydra App is not mentioned anywhere on its own trading platform. What we see instead is the name Binary Online which clearly validates our claim that Hydra App is a scam.

What happens after registering?

When you register at hydraapp.biz web site, you are required to fill in your name and email. You will then be redirected to a second video with the member’s area. You will receive a Skype testimonial from Connor Davies who claims to make $15,000 in under three days. We don’t see him use the software but the money magically appears on his trading account. This fake testimonial is meant to lure unsuspecting online traders into believing that this app really works.

This software also trades offline. This is another lie that they are selling to anyone willing to buy. The app trades during weekends, at night when all markets are closed. This is clear indication that we are dealing with scam artists who simply want to loot your money. This is indeed real proof that this app is just another binary trading app scam.

How the Scam works?

Once you have signed up with this fake app, you will then be redirected to their trusted broker. You are required to make a full deposit of $250 in order to start making trades. This deception is common with online scam artists who use their unlicensed and unregulated brokers. This way, users cannot file a complaint when they don’t get their money. Yes, when you want to withdraw your money, your money is at the mercy of these brokers that you don’t know and you can’t get hold off. These fraudsters also throw in the fact that you can cash out as many times as want. This is a lie and nothing like this is ever going to happen. Say goodbye to your money. Hydra App is without a doubt one of the most dangerous scams.

Our Verdict.

Hydra App Scam Review

Hydra App is definitely a scam that should be avoided at all costs. This app is clearly out to get your money. You will lose your money as soon as you deposit with this app. There are indeed approved apps that make genuine profits and these are the ones that traders should use. The binary trading community is wary of these scams and we are here to point out all the shady apps that fraudsters are using. We have no other option but to flag Hydra App as a total scam that should be avoided at all costs.

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