Infinity App Scam Review – Rotten Scam.

Infinity App Scam Review – Rotten Scam.

Infinity App software Scam Review.

Infinity App Scam Review

Infinity App is among the biggest binary trading scam app to hit this lucrative financial world. Infinity App claims to use the latest NASA technology code advancement. This latest technology is apparently capable of turning back PUSH Button profits. This app has the ability to earn users over $15,000 daily. This is not the end of the fairy tale, users can also make $50,000 daily if you follow their expert traders.

The people behind this app claim to have used this app for the last six year and have generated immense wealth. One of the many promises they use to lure newbie traders is telling the app is free. Yes, free of charge and the only thing you have to do is sign up with Infinity App. This sounds too good to be true. You should also remember that this app is free of charge.

The Developer.

Infinity App is the brainchild of Mark Stevenson. He claims to be an ex NASA Engineer who has experience with programming. He is also the sole owner of Infinity App Enterprises. We did an extensive research and the results proved that Mark is an associate with The claim that he was an engineer with NASA is wanting since there is no mention of him in the company’s log. Mark claims to be 31years old and a millionaire al thanks to his wonder app. There is no information regarding the creator of this ingenious app. He is not listed in any of the millionaire club listings and this makes us question his wealth, if he has any.

We did a thorough research of the creator as well as the company he claims to have created. We found out that this is all a lie. We used the legitimate and approved Divisions of Corporations register and we were shocked by be the results. Infinity App Enterprises Company does not exist. There is no way we can trust Mark or whatever he says on the presentation video. Infinity App is without a doubt a bogus money making scheme. The real owners of this app are scam artists out to get your money. They target newbie binary traders and online investors.

How Infinity App works.

We don’t have a clue how Infinity App works. The reason behind this is because the presentation video does not tell us how this ingenious app works. This is clearly one of the many reasons why we are against readers from signing up with Infinity App.

Alarming things found.

According to the developer, more than 500 of the world’s richest tech companies wanted to buy this app. He says that most companies were offering over $20 million in order for him to sell his wonder app to them. This is obviously a bogus lie because we did a quick search on database. The results indicate that the domain was registered on March 14th 2017. This domain is the main supporter of Infinity App. How then did the claim of making millions since 2015 be believed? We are dealing with expert fraudsters.

Infinity App Scam Review

We got lucky and stumbled upon the domain which sells the same software. This domain has a different presentation video and the CEO and creator is called Michael Crawford. It should be noted that the member’s area on both websites is identical. This is another cause of alarm and thus the conclusion that Infinity App is a sham.

Another noticeable lie is the evidence they claim are profit margins. The video presentation clearly shows the profit margins and you can easily see that the information is fixed. How Infinity App made trades on the 29th of January still remains a mystery to us. Infinity App is the only app that trades on Sundays when all the financial markets are closed. This is another straight lie that they throw at unsuspecting binary traders. You cannot open a trading session during the weekends.

Disturbing things Found.

The developer of this app claims that users can use auto pilot mode for 365 days. We all know that stock markets are not open 24/7 and thus the auto pilot claim is just bogus. The fact that Mark can make that statement is a clear indicator that Mark does not know what he is talking about. You cannot be the genius who created such a successful app and not know that weekends are closed for trading.

Fake Testimonials.

Robert William is the man behind what must be the best choreographed testimonial we have seen in years. Mark starts by going to his favorite restaurant and picks Robert from the streets. Mark starts by telling Robert that they will make $1500 in less than 30 minutes. If that doesn’t work, Mark will give Robert his McLaren 570GT. After using the app, Robert starts earning and in less than 30 minutes, his bank account statement grows to $1580.

The sad part about all this is the truth. When using regulated brokers, you can only withdraw your money after two to three days. This is because you have to go through a thorough verification procedure. You cannot withdraw your money immediately, this is another clear indication that we are dealing with scam artists.

What happens after registering?

The problem with these people is that they will tell you that the app is free only to ask for a deposit. Infinity App is no different since users have to deposit $250 in order to start trading with this app. There is also no recipient to the money you transfer making the app dangerous. You could be funding scam artists to bring down the financial market. This is one of the most dangerous apps to use and should be avoided at all cost.

Our Verdict.

Infinity App Scam Review

Binary Options is a lucrative way to earn money online. This is only possible when you deal with regulated and approved apps that have been tested and are trusted. If you are a newbie, consider asking for a free demo version first before making any commitments. We have no other option but to flag Infinity App as a rotten scam app.

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