Instant Trader Reviews and Ratings

Instant Trader Reviews and Ratings

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I’m a middle-aged guy and I’ve been making pretty good money for about four years now. About two years ago, give or take, I started thinking that I should start investing some of that money so I could boost my income and start saving for retirement. Sounded like a good idea, but the downside is that I don’t know much about investing and really couldn’t afford to lose my butt in the market.

I had bought some stock awhile back, but ended up losing most of my investment when it tanked. Not doing that again. What I needed was something that would help me with this investing thing without having to know what I’m doing. I’m pretty busy, so I don’t have the time to learn the ins and outs of trading and all that.

When I started looking into options, precisely binary options, I discovered something called a binary options robot, or bot as some folks call them. There are numerous bots available today, so how was I going to figure out which one really works as opposed to which other ones are just scams?

And, at first, I wasn’t even clear on what a binary option was. It sounded kind of intimidating to a newbie like me, but it really wasn’t so much I guess. I found out that they’re just an easier way to trade than Forex and they’re similar to the usual options.

They both have a strike price, a premium and, of course, an expiration date.

Ok, some of that is still Greek to me, so back to the binary options robot idea. There’s no way that I can possibly trade without one, so I researched some of the major ones and read reviews and settled on one called Instant Trader. It seems like every binary options robot on earth has some reviews, positive and negative, and I was quickly getting bored with reading about so many of them, so I played the odds and picked this one because each Instant Trader Review I read offered some positive stuff about this particular binary options robot. And, when I looked for any Instant Trader scam reports, I really couldn’t find any, so I took that as a good sign and settled on Instant Trader as my binary options robot.

What Instant Trader was offering sounded almost too good to be true, but now I can honestly say that it wasn’t. Well, more about that later. They said that I could make ten people’s regular job income put together. They also said that the majority of the IT users had hit $100k in profits in four or five weeks by re-investing their wins. I really liked the sound of that.

[box] You know, something else that impressed me about Instant Trader was that I was getting a new version called the “Profit Booster”, which increases the profitability of their software by a whopping 70 percent.

This increase is a direct result of faster communications between Instant Trader and the brokers. Now that sounded good.

I was glad that I had moved quickly by signing up because missing that opportunity would have definitely ruined by day. I always seem to end up being a day late and a dollar short for everything, but not this time.[/box]

So, I made the big decision to sign up. I did wonder how much time and energy that would take, but it was pretty easy. All I had to do was follow a few quick steps:

1) I opened a brokerage account and it only took me a minute or so. Instant Trader offers you two broker options. They are Beeoptions and Citrades. I chose the Bee because of:

  • All the reviews I had read
  • I could withdraw money whenever I want and it would be fast, fast, fast, too.
  • They’re known for their great customer support.
  • They’re also known for their fast execution time.

2) Next I was on the Beeoptions deposit page where I deposited funds using my credit card.

3) Then I received a welcome email that gave me my login details plus a members’ page link.

4) And, then I was ready to trade automatically with my binary options robot.

During the registration process, I had a choice between several Beeoptions accounts:

  1. Basic
  2. Gold
  3. Platinum
  4. Diamond
  5. Executive

These accounts are designed to suit traders’ needs when it comes to budget, desired profits, amount of assistance you’ll be needing and how many risk-free trades you want. They’re also based on freebies, too, and I have to tell you, I love freebies. So, I made it my mission to figure out which one would suit my trading needs the best.

Beeoptions uses something called a SpotOption platform. It actually supports not only just English speaking customers, but also French, German, Russian and Spanish, too. And, best of all, their returns on $EUR/USD options are as high as 85 percent. And, Beeoptions has some awesome promotions, too. For traders who deposit $2500, there’s a chance at winning a new luxury car. For a $500 deposit, traders get will get two risk-free trades. And, for depositing $10,000, you get an iPad absolutely free plus weekly Senior Trading Consultant sessions and a month of free Auto Trader.

So now, two years or so later, with no training whatsoever in trading binary options, I’ve made more money than I ever could have imagined way back when I first started using the Instant Trade binary options robot. I bought a new house and didn’t have to win that luxury car because I bought it myself from my profits. I got married last year and bought my wife a new SUV for shopping and eventually hauling the kids around since she’s pregnant and due in five months. All in all, I think that Instant Trade is a win-win for me and I’m happy to tell anyone who’ll listen all about it. It’s been working for me since I started and I have to say that it changed my life for the better.

[author] [author_image timthumb=’off’][/author_image] [author_info]James is a 35 year old professional binary options trader from Australia. He is a graduate of the University of Melbourne where he studied financial planning. His love and knowledge in binary options trading made him a part of the team here at where he educates and teaches his readers on the best way to trade binary options using robots and auto-trading systems.[/author_info] [/author]

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