Intellix Systems Scam Review – Illicit Scam.

Intellix Systems Scam Review – Illicit Scam.

Intellix Systems Scam Review.

Intellix Systems Scam Review

Intellix Systems is the latest binary trading software to grace the binary trading world. This scam system apparently earns traders over $10,000 every day. It will earn users this insane amount of money every day thus making users millionaires within six months. The moment we saw this promise we knew that Intellix Systems is without a doubt a scam. We have received numerous email complaints over the weekend from users whose money was stolen all thanks to Intellix Systems.

Intellix Systems is one of those software that promises heaven only to guarantee hell. Most of the email complaints we have received are from newbie traders who fell for the money promise. We always point out to newbie traders to always wait for a product to be recommended by trading experts. We did a conclusive and in-depth investigation that reveals scam artists behind Intellix Systems.

The Developer of Intellix Systems.

Jeff Blumenthal is the person behind this shameful scam. We don’t know much about him only that he is the creator of this disgrace. We don’t know much about this guy but he is the person who presents the presentation video. We are positive that Jeff is nothing but a hired Fiverr actor who has been paid to lie in front of the camera. These hired actors are hired from and they sell for $5 for every fifty words spoken. The real scam artists behind this app hide their identities and use the actor as the face of Intellix Systems.

Intellix Systems Scam Review

Since the presenter, Jeff Blumenthal is a paid actor, we cannot believe anything that he says. This is crystal clear that Intellix Systems is nothing but a money making scheme that entices newbie traders into joining. These scam artists take advantage of newbie traders as well as online investors into signing up with this shameful scam. We have searched everywhere for this genius developer but there is no mention of him even on social media. How can one make an app that generates so much money in a day and not be on any social media pages or search engine?

Jeff Blumenthal claims to have made millions ever since he developed this software. He claims that the software was finalized early 2016. For the past one year, he has been using the app and generated insane profit margins. He also goes ahead and states that he decided to share the software with the rest of the world. He wants every person that signs up with this system to earn as he did. To add icing to the cake, he says that the software is free of charge.

Alarming things found on Intellix Systems.

The developer claims that the software runs on auto pilot and no prior trading experience is needed. This means that even when a trader doesn’t know what call or put is, they can easily use this software. They also add in the fact that the software has a trading accuracy of 100%. This in short means that the software will successfully place ten trades and will all of them. This is simply fictional and there is no app on earth or even trading expert that has such high accuracy levels.

We believe that this is all fictional since all financial trading markets are volatile and prices change abruptly. This is caused by unforeseen forces such as boardroom wars, political interference, strikes and many more. Thus, making the right prediction all the time makes it a hard task, impossible to accomplish.

They are also lying to us when they say that their software uses a one of a kind algorithm. Their algorithm apparently works miracles and will without a doubt succeed in all trades. They claim that Intellix Systems is using artificial intelligence. This sounds all good to be true.

Intellix Systems using Unregulated Brokers.

Intellix Systems Scam Review

Intellix Systems is using unregulated brokers. This means that once you deposit money with them, the money is at the mercy of these scam artists. The problem with using these unregulated brokers is one, you cannot report them once they take away your money. This is why we always state in all our reviews that users should use software that has regulated brokers. With regulated brokers, your money is in safe hands. Some of the brokers that this software is using is blacklisted brokers so you should avoid this software.

Fake Testimonials.

We have already pointed out that the developer is fake. The people you see on the home page are all stolen online identity photos. We are sure that the people you see being paraded as testimonials are stolen online identity photos. We know that this is another trick that scammers use to try and legitimize their fake software. When newbie traders see this, they believe it not knowing the scam waiting for them.

Intellix Systems Scam Exposed.

We did a thorough investigation using the trusted Divisions of Corporations site and the results were shocking. There is no company registered with the name Intellix Systems anywhere on the face of the planet. This is clear indication that we are dealing with a dummy company. This is very risky business and we cannot allow such tricksters to ruin the binary trading world.

The developer claims that he started using the app early 2016. When we used the to find out when the site was registered, we were shocked to find it was registered last month. Yes, all the talk about how he has been making money for the past one year is definitely a lie. How could he have earned all that money when even the domain wasn’t registered?

Our Verdict on Intellix Systems.

Intellix Systems Scam Review

Intellix Systems is without a doubt a money making pyramid scheme. We have clearly pointed out all the tricks that these shameful scam artists are using. We therefore strongly recommend that you completely stay away from this illicit scam.

There are indeed real and approved binary trading software that generate reasonable profit margins. These robots have been given the thumbs up by the regulation body and are trusted by the trading community. We have no other option but to flag Intellix Systems as a crappy software that will take your money in a flash.

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