Lexington Code Scam Review – Keep Off

Lexington Code Scam Review – Keep Off

Lexington Code Scam Review

Lexington Code Scam Review

If you believe that Lexington Code is a gift from the Gods and that it is going to make you rich! Wake up and think otherwise because Lexington Code is a poison gift and going to make broke. Don’t let this software scam discourage you. If you want to trade binary options, try Binary Option Auto Trading to trade safely, surely and in a great environment. They are the ONLY safe automated software available on the automated binary option trading market at the moment.


Lexington Code trading software purpose is not to make you win money, but to make you lose everything you have so read this review before using them

• Michael Lexington claims to be the COO and CoFounder of Lexington Code with a very rich background in business & Barry Storyk claims to be the other CoFounder which coded this software scam… Well this is all fake and bullshit. There is no Michael Lexington or Barry Storyk or even Lexington Code software! It’s all lies, actors and fake promises. We tried to find some information about those guys and this company on internet/linkedin/facebook but guess what …. NOTHING!

• Lexington Code Scam is being promoted by all the top binary options trading websites (we will not name them here, but you know about whom we are talking about…). The reason is that they may be corrupted and that they are taking a commission from Lexington Code. But don’t be blind … Lexington Code is a scam and the only purpose of this software is to take your money.

Lexington Code Binary Scam Review

• Lexington Code tells that they have been making $500 to $5000 a day for the last 6 months. But their website is registered only from 11/10/2016 which is 1 month… big registration flag … right?

• Lexington Code fake founders, but actors have a British accent, so we conclude that Lexington Code scam “promotional clip” is targeting mainly British, Irish etc. The clip itself was probably filmed in the UK.

Lexington Code software scam wants to make you use their software with “TradeXtra broker“. But you know what? Trade Xtra is an unregulated broker… it doesn’t have any trading license and has a lot of bad reviews about been a shady broker and a scam.

See, these guys have done well in actually covering up the obvious tracks that make spotting a scam easily. Rather than use the typical actors we are used to seeing from Portland and Fiverr they have opted for actors from much further away. The video is filmed in London, which makes finding these actors much more difficult when comparing the number of people living there to those in Portland. Also, they have obviously looked into some of the negative reviews of other scams and have tried to cover their tracks by not making their mistakes, making it all the more difficult to provide actual proof that they are lying

What is the Lexington Code?

Well, it’s an automated binary options robot that is claimed to make you $126,000 every month, though the profits are very inconsistent in the video and throughout the website so really, you don’t know the real potential.

First, you are introduced to Michael Lexington who is claimed to be the chief operating officer of the software and the company. Only, the company does not exist and a quick search reveals that there is no one by this name that matches this description and actually has any connection to such a company. Of course, except for in the numerous reviews which get all of their information from the website alone.

He claims he is holding in his hand the official documentation that completely legitimizes and authenticates the trades made by this scam. The image that pops up supposedly being this official document isn’t much, and as you will see later on, it’s actually absolutely nothing.
The claims are rather broad as far as the kinds of profits you can make in just a day using the software. With that said, the lower end seems a bit more reasonable, though still far-fetched if you ask me.

Lexington Code Binary Scam Review

See, the reason this so-called documentation is completely useless is because you cannot confirm its legitimacy as they do not reveal the name of the firm that has confirmed their trades. Now, why would he make such claims without providing a means to prove them? Of course, because he is lying.

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