MM4U Scam Review – Rip Off

MM4U Scam Review – Rip Off

MM4U Scam Review.

MM4U Scam Review

MM4U is another binary trading scam that was launched a few days ago. This trading tool is promising users that they will become millionaires within six months.

We have received numerous email complaints from online investors mostly newbie traders who lost their money after signing up. According to the presentation video, MM4U has a one of a kind algorithm that is able to successfully place trades and win.

Binary options trading can give you a lot of money, but it is also risky at the same time as there a lot of fake services in the market that give you a promise of millions only to empty your bank account and leave you high and dry.

It is essential that you search for a real review before jumping into using some binary options software that is new. You can check our approved binary options signals HERE to view the best alternatives.

MM4U is free according to the presentation video that pops up immediately you land on the website Genuine binary options trading software are designed to help traders win and predict the trends.

Algorithms work as code to achieve financial success by showing traders how to trade and get huge returns on investment. There is no limit to the amount of money one can make on the real websites. It all depends on how often one trades on the recommended trades.

Genuine tools provide analysis on the conditions of the market, guiding traders to be successful on the platforms. Traders are equipped with secret strategies that enable them to make thousands of dollars from a few dollars.

However, there are numerous scam sites such as the MM4U which claims to be a great trading tool. They lure anyone looking to trade with the least amount of effort, minimum risk and maximum profits.

The Developer of MM4U.

MM4U Scam Review

There is nowhere on this trading tool’s website that reveals who the real owner is. This makes us question everything about this trading tool. Who creates a trading tool that makes over $1000 each day and not want recognition?

There is also a funny claim that MM4U is all over the news. We did a thorough review and found out that this is all A LIE. There is no mention of this trading tool anywhere on all financial media outlets.

This is definitely one of the ways scam artist hide behind the curtain. The presentation video and the homepage do not have any information regarding the genius behind this fake trading tool.

MM4U using Fake Auto Pilot Feature.

They claim that you will easily make profits all thanks to the auto pilot feature the trading tool uses. This trading tool sounds perfect since it will also make profits for its users with ease and simplicity. Users go about their usual day to day chores since the auto feature will make money for them, automatically.

The developer claims that the software runs on auto pilot and no prior trading experience is needed. This means a newbie who doesn’t know what call or put is, can easily use this software.

They also add the fact that the trading tool has a trading accuracy of 100%. This trading tool will successfully place ten trades and will all of them. This simply is fictional, no trading tool on earth or trading expert that has such high accuracy levels.

All financial trading markets are volatile and prices change abruptly. Reasons include unforeseen forces such as boardroom wars, political interference, strikes and many more. Making the right prediction all the time makes it an impossible task, impossible to accomplish.

MM4U using Unregulated Brokers.

MM4U is using unregulated brokers. This means once users make their deposit money with them, the money is at the mercy of these brokers. The problem with unregulated brokers is one, you cannot report to the authorities once your money is lost.

This is why we state in our reviews that users should use trading tools that use regulated brokers. With regulated brokers, your money is in safe hands. Some of the brokers that MM4U is using are blacklisted brokers, you should avoid this software.

MM4U Scam Exposed.

MM4U Scam Review

We did a thorough investigation using Divisions of Corporations site and the results were as expected. There is no company registered with this trading tool anywhere on the face of the earth. This shows that we are dealing with a dummy company. This is very risky business and we cannot allow such tricksters to ruin the binary trading world.

The developer claims that he started using the trading tool early 2017. When we used the to find out when the trading tool was registered, we were shocked to find it was registered last month. Yes, all the talk about how he has been making money for the past six months is definitely a lie. How could he have earned all that money when even the domain name wasn’t registered?

Fake Testimonials used on MM4U.

MM4U is full of DUBIOUS and outright fake testimonials. These testimonials you see on the homepage are stolen online identities. These scam artists take stolen photos and edit their own testimonials. This is done in order to lure unsuspecting online investors.


This is also another trick these online fraudsters use to make money online from newbie traders. There is one guy who claims to be a legitimate user of this trading tool. His real name is Jeff who hails from the US. He is a well-known Fiverr actor who is paid five bucks a word.

As we all know, actors do lie and these actors get paid $50 for every fifty words. This makes it easy for the real fraudsters to hide behind the curtain.

The MM4U website consists of a simple video and email subscription form. To join this site, you require an email address and they claim that here are no hidden costs. The owners of this bogus app want you to register with the trading tool through a web form.

You are required to make a minimum deposit of $250 and start trading. The sad fact is that this trading tool is not for free. The owners claim this but you will indeed have to part with $250 of your hard earned cash even before you start the actual trading.

Our Verdict on MM4U.

Binary options are a simple way to trade the fluctuations of prices in many global markets. The fact that they are saying that this trading tool has a 100% accuracy level is far from the truth.

You should never trust a site that pays people to give fake stories and lure beginners. Experienced binary options traders sense the loopholes and know how to spot the red flags. This review should be an eye opener for those people who invest their hard earned money in any binary options trading tool.

Always investigate the real motives of the development of such trading tools. Members who have tried MM4U are encouraged to share their feedback, of what they experienced or are currently experiencing. Feel free to leave your comments below.

MM4U Scam Review

MM4U is without a doubt a binary trading scam that rips off money from users. We strongly recommend that traders use approved and tested tools that have been tested. We have to stay alert and expose these scams before anyone loses money using fake trading tools like MM4U.

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If you are interested in binary options trading, chances are that you’ve heard of automated trading software and how it lets traders mechanize binary options trading practice.

The trouble is that fame of these software robots has attracted dubious copycats to the market, over-saturating it with binary options auto-traders that are nothing but a rip-off.

Here, we present you with the ultimate online resource that’ll help you tell the binary option robot scams apart from the more viable options. We’ll ensure that you avoid the scam brokers and software, and find legit ones.

The worst binary options scams have been known to randomly generate trades, or they may even deliberately destroy your profits. Familiarize yourself with these trading robot names and avoid them at all costs as you invest in binary options.

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