Nasdaq Inside Trader Scam Review – Traders Beware!

Nasdaq Inside Trader Scam Review – Traders Beware!


Nasdaq Inside Trader Scam Review

Nasdaq Inside Trader is a moneymaking scheme software launched a few hours ago. This bot was developed by Alex Steele and has already gone viral thanks to the email marketing techniques used. One of our subscribers who lost money seconds after depositing with Nasdaq Inside Trader’s trading account alerted us. We immediately conducted a thorough investigation and assembled concrete evidence that proves that this app is a total sham. We highly recommend that you read this unbiased and transparent review to avoid fraudsters like Alex Steele and his team.


The Developer

During the presentation video, Alex Steele claims to be the CEO and developer of this fake app. We can confirm that Alex is nothing but a paid narrator who will say anything to get paid. Alex is a Fiverr paid actor who gets $5 for every fifty words. This app was created by online scammers whose main aim is to drain all your money once you deposit with this trading bot. The empty promises that are being thrown around one of them being that this app will generate $250 per hour is a total lie. The truth is, this won’t happen anytime soon since earning $4500 per day in any financial market is next to impossible.

Nasdaq Inside Trader Scam Review

Scam Revealed

The reason why most newbie traders are attracted by scams such as Nasdaq Inside Trader is the auto trading feature. There are indeed reliable and trusted bots which use automated tools to execute trades, but offer realistic winning chances. Another red flag that should be noted is the fact that this trading bot has a winning ratio of 100%. This literally means that Nasdaq Inside Trader does not make any losses. Experienced and trusted binary trading experts will concur that no matter how good you are, loses are part of trading. Why? The financial market is volatile and prices are affected by political events, competitors and other unforeseen factors. This makes it impossible to predict and execute trades successfully.

Our Conclusion

Nasdaq Inside Trader Review

We have concrete evidence that shows and proves that Nasdaq Inside Trader is nothing but a money making scheme. This is a fraudulent app that steals money from innocent people. There are indeed legit and approved apps that make money for online investors. We strongly recommend to our readers to strictly ignore any emails they receive from Nasdaq Inside Trader. The relevant authorities should look into this site and take action as soon as possible.

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