Omnia App Scam Review – Bogus Scam

Omnia App Scam Review – Bogus Scam

Omnia App Scam Review:

Omnia App Scam Review

Omnia App is one of the latest automated system scam to grace the binary trading world. They claim that this app will generate unbelievable profits and even make you a millionaire within months. Omnia App will supposedly make you $1,350 every month, this is the minimum amount you should expect. This got us interested so we decided to conduct a thorough research and the results will astonish you. We urge readers to engage themselves with the findings we will table and ensure they avoid this app like the plague. Here’s the truth behind this rotten scam.

The Developer of this fake App.

Mathew Hammersmith claims to have a personal net worth of over $350 million and makes normal millionaires every month. During the video presentation he claims to be also known as Mr. Midas, a well-known Wall Street investor. His web site does not exist anywhere in the face of the earth. We did a thorough research thanks to the legitimate and approved Divisions of Corporations group that points out that Omnia App has never existed. The claim by the supposed creator of this app that he is internationally recognized by leading brands such as CNN Business and Forbes magazine is all total bull.

We have concrete evidence that shows Mathew Hammersmith is a paid actor and has been seen in previous scams. He can be seen presenting himself as another creator of the GPS Trader scam by the name of Richard Heffner. You can also see him in the Safeguard trader app and goes by the name David Heffner. After revealing that the so called actor is a paid actor, we have irrefutable evidence that this app is indeed one of the scams being seen on the binary trading industry. We therefore cannot believe anything that this man says.

How does Omnia App work?

They claim that Omnia app is a full proof system and users will never lose money as long as they use the Omnia App. The video presentation presenter says that this app does not execute lose trades making it the only app in the world to do this. This app as they claim is 100% guarantee will make only winning trades and no lose whatsoever. The real truth is that the owner of this site does not know what he is talking about because the site is a scam.

The testimonials are also not real because the people who give them, do not use their real identities and are not traceable. The 100% money back guarantee they claim is not real because there are a lot of people who have lost lots of money. Everything on this website is a big lie and you should be able to see this as soon as you land on the first page.

Alarming things found.

We see the creator of this app in the video visiting Sarah claiming that he is checking out his new account. Immediately she logs in, she has a balance of over $5, 700 and she did not do anything. How then is it possible for this app to make trades on your behalf if the user is not logged in yet? This makes us question the app even further. The more dirt we dig up the better. There is also a video presentation of the creator parading himself as a missionary stationed in Somalia.

The missionary stationed in Somalia makes over $45, 000 by using the app in just under a month. This statement is totally false since we did a search on the Omnia app using the database and found out that the website was officially registered on 27th Feb 2017. Up to now, we have no idea how the missionary in Somalia made so much money. Therefore this is a fake claim and we do not trust the testimony given by this person.

Damaged Goods.

Omnia App Scam Review

Mathew also has a fast track program to a million dollars in less than 190 days. He claims to have started using the app on March 19 2016 which is another bogus lie. As we said earlier, the Omnia app was registered on 27th Feb 2017 and the fast track program is simply a means to get more money from unsuspecting online clients. This has been seen as a strategy used by the developer of the site to ensure that unsuspecting clients invest their money and get conned before they can realize what is really going on in this site. Since it does work on phones and tablets, this means that one has to download it to their PC which will definitely not allow trading on the go, hence meaning that one has to spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer in order to make meaningful profits if possible.


We also can see a bank statement that pays to 4 Advanced LLC. This company is their software developer that was used to design and create Omnia. But the statement shows the word Tesla and not Omnia making us question the payments, were they paid for Omnia or Tesler app. The sad truth is that some people have created this three apps, these apps were created by the same person and their sole purpose is to steal money from newbie binary traders.

The customer service at the Omnia App website is unreliable and not accessible easily. Even when you reach them, the customer service representatives are not very helpful and will not satisfy you with complete information. This method is limited to a few countries which mean that even if it were genuine, most people would not have enjoyed its services unlike others which are available throughout the world.

Omnia App Conclusion.

Omnia App Scam Review

Trading with binary options can be lucrative if you use legitimate and genuine bots. However, the world is full of scam artists and in order to avoid them, you need experienced trading bots to guide you on which apps to use. We have no other option but to flag Omnia app as a scam and a disgrace to the binary trading world.

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