OneTouch Trade Scam Review – Traders Beware!

OneTouch Trade Scam Review – Traders Beware!

OneTouch Trade Binary Scam Review

OneTouch Trade Review

OneTouch Trade is the latest binary automated scam to grace the binary trading world. This fraud app was created and developed by a person claiming to be Jeffrey Peterson. We are sad to report that this scam has gone viral thanks to the email marketing pushy tactics that they use. If you have received an email from Jeffrey and his team, we highly recommend that you avoid and discard it immediately. We have received various emails from our newbie subscribers who lost money seconds after depositing with OneTouch Trade app account. Make sure you read our transparent and honest review of this fraud app and find out why we are flagging this app as a binary scam that should be avoided at all costs.


Empty Promises

They falsely claim that newbie traders will stand a chance to make over $6000 hours after depositing with OneTouch Trade fraudulent account. During the presentation video, this scam artist claims that he has made over $750K the whole of this year all thanks to the automated feature this trading app supposedly has. Jeffrey claims that this bot has a one of a kind winning ratio which is above 98%. He claims he is offering this ‘’amazing’’ bot for free to the entire world. There are indeed genuine and tested apps that expert binary traders recommend and accepted by the regulation authorities. After a long and thorough investigation, we have uncovered the fraudsters behind this fake app. Here are the reasons why our investigation came up with compelling evidence that proves without a doubt OneTouch Trade is a pure scam.

OneTouch Trade Binary Review

Scam Revealed

There is no binary trading software on earth that can have such a high level of winning trades, simply because the prices change abruptly and without warning. This is simply caused by political interference, global financial crunch or even delays in service delivery. Apart from that, there is no way one can make such money with binary trading every day that will simply not happen anytime soon. The faces used to make the testimonials are all stolen identities.

Our Conclusion

OneTouch Trade Binary Review

Keep off from the OneTouch Trade scam or risk losing your hard earned money to online scammers who prey on innocent and newbie binary traders by promising heaven only to get hell instead by losing their money within the blink of an eye. We have no other option but to flag this app as a total scam that regulation authorities should look into.

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