Raptor Robot Scam Review – Rotten Scam Exposed!

Raptor Robot Scam Review – Rotten Scam Exposed!

Raptor Robot Scam Review.

Raptor Robot Scam Review

Raptor robot software is the latest binary trading app scam to grace the binary trading world. This app apparently runs on auto pilot mode and has an appealing winning rate of over 90%. The presentation video claims that Raptor robot’s system is so advanced that there is not an app on earth that can match its qualities. This all sounds very convincing and that’s why we decided to conduct a thorough investigation to find out whether what Raptor robot is selling a dream or simply a nightmare. We encourage our readers to read this honest and transparent review and see why we vehemently oppose the use of raptor robot.


Who is behind this Raptor robot?

Nobody really knows who is actually behind this fake app that is selling empty promises to newbie traders and online investors. We could not confirm the legitimacy of this app since the homepage, raptorrobot.com does not have any information regarding the owner or developer of this fake app. Another red flag is that we did a thorough research on the company’s name and we were shocked to find out that there is no company registered under this name throwing the company’s image under disarray.

How does this software works?

On the presentation video, they claim that raptor robot was designed to configure and match any binary trade for maximum returns in terms of profit. As mentioned earlier, we don’t have a clue on who came up with this ridiculous app hence questioning the systems intelligence in terms of executing trades on behalf of traders or the app’s users. The problem with this app is that we really don’t have a clue as to how this bot works and if you decide to use this system, the results will most likely leave your account high and dry.

Alarming things found.

What made us question this bot was the notion that it will guarantee 90% of all winning trades. Let’s be honest with each other, the only way that an app can have such a high accuracy level is if the app can totally predict the future. We all know that no one can predict the future let alone the financial markets since the market is always volatile and changes in prices occur abruptly and without warning. This accuracy level is just way too high and a ploy by these scammers to lure unsuspecting binary options traders as well as online investors into signing up with the app.

Raptor Robot Scam Review

Another alarming factor that must be looked at is the fact that they claim that this bot can be configured by users for optimum or maximum returns. Kindly do not be fooled by these empty promises that are thrown at you by fraudsters who only want to lure in with huge promises only for you to lose your money in a heartbeat once you start depositing your money with their trading account. If this bit was really reliable and accurate as they promise, then we would know who is behind this app. This factor is hidden from us making us question this app even more.

When you land on raptor robot’s website, you will see the supposed results from the users who have apparently used this app. We can strongly confirm that these people are not real but some fabricated stories that include identity theft. This is a method used by online fraudsters to try and legitimize their scams so that newbie traders can believe that this app really exists. The database used by the users is totally fake since the information given to us is in text mode and not in visual.

Registering with raptor robot.

When you register with this fake robot using your name and email, you will be directed to a second homepage which is referred to the member area. In order to trade with this robot, you will have to register with a broker and this is where the problems start flying in. These brokers will be in control of your money and you will only withdraw your money at their mercy. You are also required to make a minimum deposit of over $250 in order to start trading with this lame scam.

Another flaw with the raptor robot is the fact that there is no demo account that newbie traders can use in order to get used to using this robot. The customer service at raptor robot does not work and sending emails to the help desk won’t help since you will never get a reply from these scammers. Binary options are contracts of limited risk that are based on a simple yes or no market proposition that depicts whether the market will go up or down by the end of a trading week. They offer traders ways in which they can trade the most active indices, forex, commodities, events and bit coin markets with relatively low collateral.

The real truth is that the owner of this site does not know what he is talking about because the site is a scam. The testimonials are also not real because the people who give them, do not use their real identities and are not traceable. The 100% money back guarantee they claim is not real because there are a lot of people who have lost lots of money. Everything on this website is a big lie and you should be able to see this as soon as you land on the first page.

Our Conclusion.

Raptor Robot Scam Review

This whole app is made up of nothing but empty lies that are meant to lure traders in and steal their money within a blink of an eye. This robot is a scam and does not deserve your time or money. The fraudsters behind this scam have hired actors and promised huge rewards if you sign up with them, our message is don’t even bother opening the emails they sent. There are indeed approved and legitimate apps that will make you money once you know which ones. Always go for trusted and experienced binary traders for advice on which bots to use and which ones to totally avoid, such as the raptor robot, avoid this app like the plague.

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