Royce Code Scam Review – Fraudsters Busted!

Royce Code Scam Review – Fraudsters Busted!

Royce Code Scam Review

Royce Code Scam Review

Royce Code is the latest scam to grace the binary trading world. This scam software was developed by Richard Royce and we sadly have to report that this fraud has gone viral. Royce Code is basically an app that will steal your money immediately you deposit with this trading account. These scam artists have been playing with the minds of newbie binary traders by promising huge winning opportunities as well day to day money bags. This fraud has gone viral all thanks to the email marketing team that Richard and his team have been using to set the trap for online investors. We highly recommend that you read this full and transparent Royce Code review and in case you wanted to join this app, stay away from it. We conducted a thorough research and the findings will without a doubt prove that this app is nothing but a fraud that should be avoided at all cost.


The Developer

During the presentation video, Richard Royce claims to be the founder, creator and CEO of the Royce Wealth Group. This company apparently has been in the binary trading business for over twelve years and according to the presentation video, the company has made over three billion dollars in profit to its clients. Richard claims that for the past 18 months, the company has been working secretly on the Royce Code app. He says this app uses an algorithm that executes automatic trades and has an impressive winning rate of over 98%. He also claims that this app offers an amazing insured withdrawal system that allows the app to send profits to its users within 24 hours. We are experienced binary trading experts and straight from the word go, we know this is purely a money making scheme. There are indeed genuine and approved apps that make realistic winning trades and have been tested by the regulation authorities, Royce Code is not one of them.

Royce Code Binary Review

Scam Revealed

Let us reveal the faces behind this fraud one and for all. Richard is nothing but a paid actor who will say anything to get paid. You can always spot these actors easily especially if they have been hired to do the same stunts. Richard is the same actor who is used to sell other scams such as Insured Outcome and the Zeus2 binary fraud. If you visit the website, you will realize that the site was officially registered on 2016-12-05, a few days ago, this means that the whole app is a fraud. Additionally, there is nothing like an app that has a perfect winning rate and does not lose trades. The market is always volatile and prices change constantly due to political, corporate and financial factors. Lastly, there is no broker who will pay after 24 hours, the regulation states that at least five days as waiting period.

Our Conclusion

Royce Code Binary Scam Review

Joining this Royce Code app will cause anyone financial loses that will never be recovered. We have no other option but to flag the Royce Code app as a Scam.

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