Sapphire M Scam Review – Disastrous Scam.

Sapphire M Scam Review – Disastrous Scam.

Sapphire M Scam Review.

Sapphire Software Scam Review

Sapphire M is another binary trading scam that was launched a few days ago. This software is promising users that they will become millionaires within six months. We have received numerous email complaints from online investors who lost their money after signing up with this scam software. Sapphire software has over the moon profit margins which makes it easy to attract binary trading newbies.

According to the presentation video, Sapphire M apparently has a one of a kind algorithm. This algorithm has a 100% winning rate and thus you will win all the trades you place. It means that even newbie traders who don’t know the meaning of trading will use the auto pilot feature and make money. Who earns money by just clicking a tab and make over $2000 daily. They also add in the fact that the software is free of charge. We decided to investigate further and reveal the scam artists behind Sapphire M.

The Developer of SappHIRE M.

The funny thing about Sapphire M is the fact that we don’t know who the developer is. The presentation video does not reveal the developer of this app. How can you make a one of a kind app and don’t want recognition? This is definitely one of the ways scam artist hide behind the curtain. The presentation video and the homepage do not have any information regarding the developer. This makes it hard for us to believe anything this software sells to us. That’s why we are fully against the use of Sapphire M.

Sapphire M Scam Exposed.

Sapphire software uses the same tricks other binary trading software use. We did a thorough research using the Divisions of Corporations to find the legality of the software. We were shocked to find out that this software does not exist anywhere on the face of the planet. This means that the company is not registered making it a phony software. This is one of the many ways that we use to check the legitimacy of binary trading software.

We also used to determine when the website was registered. On the presentation video, they claim that the app was working since last year. We found out that the software was registered last month on the 15th of April 2017. This makes it a scam since the developer claims to have made his millions using this software since last year. This clearly points out that the software has been made up and there’s nothing genuine about this software.

Alarming things found on SapphiRE M.

The fact that software has a win ratio of 100% is a total lie. No software in the world can have this accuracy levels. The financial world is complicated and prices change abruptly. The reasons for the sudden changes include boardroom wars, political interference and demand supply factors. This makes it even hard for even binary trading experts to achieve such accuracy levels. This is another lie that these scam artists are throwing your way. We have proved that Sapphire M is definitely an scam.

Fake Testimonials.

Sapphire M is full of untrustworthy testimonials. These testimonials you see on the homepage are stolen online identities. These scam artists take stolen photos and edit their own testimonials. This is done in order to lure unsuspecting online investors. This is also another trick these online fraudsters use to make money online from newbie traders.

Sapphire Software Scam Review

There is also a funny claim that Sapphire M is all over the news. We did a thorough review and found out that this is all false. There is no mention of this app anywhere on all financial media outlets. We can also prove that all the testimonials you see on the home page are purely fictional. There is one guy who claims to be a legitimate user of this app. His real name is Alex and he hails from the US. He is just a well-known Fiverr actor who is paid five bucks a word. He simply can be hired to say or do anything in front of a camera.

Everything will look legitimate immediately you start with the homepage. This service is supposedly the best forex robot the market has ever seen. The presentation video suggests that the algorithm behind this bot uses safety filters. Sapphire software does this using a one minute chart. One of the most suspicious thing about this app is the price they are selling it. Sapphire software is sold at $1500 to platinum subscribers.

This app apparently runs on auto pilot mode and has an appealing winning rate of over 90%. The Sapphire M presentation video claims that there is not an app on earth that can match its qualities. This all sounds very convincing and that’s why we decided to continue digging. Sapphire M claims that their algorithm apparently does magic when running on auto pilot mode.

This means if you have never traded, you don’t know what put or call is. The app execute trades for you while you do your other chores. They say you need to follow some of their experts’ trade patterns, and you will be a pro in no time. All this seems all too good to be true, and as we always say in our reviews, be wary of scams. Sapphire M is a scam that should be avoided at all cost.

Our Conclusion.

Sapphire Software Scam Review

Sapphire M is indeed one of those scams that will take your money in a heartbeat. You should avoid this software like the plague.

There are indeed genuine and approved binary trading software that will earn reasonable profit margins. These software have been given the green light by the trading community and most binary trading experts. We recommend that you use these software when trading since your money is in safe hands. Never use software such as sapphire M since they are only meant to steal from you. We therefore feel it’s our duty to warn binary traders about the impending danger of trading with scam software. We have no other option but to flag Sapphire M as another binary trading scam. Avoid it and ignore all emails from these hoodlums.

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