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Slot Planet Scam – The Latest Gambling Scam That Costs Everything to The Victims

Slot Planet Scam – The Latest Gambling Scam That Costs Everything to The Victims

Everything looks alluring from the top when you show up at fruit shop to buy some apples.

Are you wise enough to know that there could be more bad apples in a crate than the ones on the top? They were just to make you believe that a shopkeeper is selling perfect things.

More often than not you buy the whole crate thinking all are perfect reds without any rotten spot on them.

You are being ripped off for your money. And you are also offered the rotten ones under the perfect blanket.

Think twice.

See slotplanet.com and see how well it fits the above example of rotten apples. I meant the games that don’t get you anything but big losses.

Slot planet is licensed by UK gambling commission, but it seems that this company tries hard to maintain its license.

Let’s explore its scam.

Slot Planet Scam Complaints

The fact is that there are several poor examples in the web based casino market. Slot Planet Casino is just one of those dodgy internet gambling sites. The intensive variety of complaints from people is evidence of their uncertain status. So that we suggest online casinos fanatics to stay away from Slot Planet, and rather to choose one of the trustworthy, genuine and dependable internet gambling sites.

This guy couldn’t grasp the policies they are running their money train on.

Slot Planet

This is a summary of grumbles about Slot planet that is unable to satisfy prospects, which will head on down as the exaggeration of the day:

  • Associates and distributors report about outstanding debts
  • An absence of live conversation feature after conflicts with clients
  • Proprietors have to deal with charges of greenbacks laundering and scams
  • Confiscated by the Dutch Department of Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement
  • A lot of players impacted by the shutdown, including lost money
  • Some online poker activities are most often rigged
  • Transaction refusals
  • Both gamers and associates found these keepers to be scammers and con artists
  • Poor customer care
  • Difficult bonus requirements

Above is just the summary, the show is about to begin now for exposing these scams.

Difficult Requirement for Bonuses

Keep in mind that everything is bad except the UK gambling commission regulated.

A one mid-light star sprinkling in the whole darkness, just nothing else.

Slot planet avoids to pay out their users when it comes to big payments. The big trick they play is their hidden policies for their players to avoid the big payouts and winnings.

If you are playing for your bonus, for instance, 0.5 % for your bonus and 0.1% for your whole payment then it would be hard to get to the bonus requirements after investing 1000 of euros. This doesn’t make sense to offer a bonus on several losses.

Even people don’t get the full bonus; sometimes they need to ask support to credit their bonus amount.

Some turn lucky, and some don’t.

Slot Planet Scam

Don’t go with such Scams and choose the Original Casinos.

Slot planet actually has its own limitations of making profits and doing businesses, making people suffering from several losses and asking them to make their first deposit up to 222 euro. That’s the trick we couldn’t understand, and with a bad luck if we are a novice.

Counterfeit Payment Commitments and Methods

222 euro is a federal case here. Why?

Because whenever you try to make your deposit through skrill, you will get this bonus, but it won’t be credited. Most of the users are encountering this issue by being informed by the slot planet that they are not accepting Skrill or Neteller deposits. The AskGamblers platform is crammed with such complaints by the users.

If they are accepting the deposits from skrill then why they have shown their availability on their site.

Right here at the footers.

Slot Planet Scam Review

A mild threat alert is at the footer of this site.

Before ahead of time when you start playing, do not forget to read this statement which has been written in just small font size to make a user sure about the losses this website gives.

This company is freerolling with people’s money, and nobody cares when they make deposits through skrill, once it is done, the deposit amount and bonus gets merged and added accumulatively, so in that case the slot planet gets the chance to refuse to pay the bonus amount, and ultimately you would have only a deposit to play with.

The bonus gets disappeared and will be shown just as a figure on your screen credited. In the end, you won’t be able to bring in for a real use as money.

The welcome bonus 222 euro is just a clever trap to get you in while showing you a welcome bonus bait that forces you to make your deposit.

So it is a kind of an advance alert for you.

Slot Planet Review

Refrain from Resolving the Disputes

This is the best negative part I have ever seen in my life when a service provider refrains himself from resolving the issues and disputes on its own platform rather getting the assistance of other governmental bodies and private authorities to take the responsibility.

The same thing is mentioned in slot planet’s player protection page where this company has also refrained itself from disputes resolving obligations. This is also a trick to get a disputed user out from their platform because he/she won’t be profitable for them any longer.

Ecogra has taken over the disputed field here for slot planet; this is UK’s best awarded ISO certified company resolving the gambling issues.

There is no procedure explained in slot planet’s protection terms for player’s disputes; it should be settled by its own administration and take a step further to prevent anyone’s money. But this doesn’t happen when you fall in any clash.


This review has clearly shown that why our verdict goes unfavorable for this gambling planet. This is not recommended for all the users who want to save their hard-earned money.

This is recommended that if any gambling platform like slot planet is baiting you for depositing money and getting you a welcome bonus in return then do your homework before getting indulged in anything. Instead going with such scams choose the real and trusted casino systems.

Scammers are flooded out there, so beware of your every step.

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