Specter Finance Scam Review – Shameful Scam.

Specter Finance Scam Review – Shameful Scam.

Specter Finance Scam Review.

Specter Finance App Scam Review

Specter Finance is another binary trading app selling empty promises. Specter Finance is apparently the only unique binary options trading app which guarantees users to make over $2,000 daily. This all sounds too good to be true and thus we got more interested with this wonder app.

According to the creators of Specter Finance, the system works 98/100th faster than the fastest Wall Street cable data transfer system. This is a new app and this is why we insist on reading this transparent and honest review. We strongly condemn the use of this app since we have concrete evidence that Specter Finance is just a lousy scam. They also add a twist by claiming this income will be consistent all day, every day for the rest of your life.

All these will simply happen with the help of auto pilot feature which has an accuracy of almost 100%. This is a complete lie. Online scammers use this promise to drain your trading accounts minutes after depositing your hard earned money. The homepage starts with a video presentation with the promise of a lavish lifestyle. All of a person’s dreams come true, thanks to this Specter Finance. Readers be careful with this app as this investigation revealed, this is truly a one of a kind sham. You should also keep in mind that the price for this service is $500 which is higher than legitimate app’s.

The Developer.

Specter Finance App Scam Review

The man who presents himself as the creator of this ingenious app is nothing but a paid actor. Yes, he is the guy hired by the real scam artist to present to you this lie. What is even funny about this video presentation, is the fact that it has another logo of a different binary app. Here is the man who claims to be the owner and developer. This is definitely a money making scheme meant to take your money within a blink of an eye.

We did a thorough investigation using the Division of Corporations which clearly shows that Company does not exist anywhere in the face of the earth. You can see this man presenting other shady binary options scam such as GPS trader and Safeguard Trader. All of the apps he is involved in are proven scams. This is one of the many reasons why we cannot trust anything this guy tells us. This is a pointer that we are definitely dealing with a professional scam artist.

All you need to Know

Everything will look legitimate immediately you start with the homepage. This service is supposedly the best forex robot the market has ever seen. The presentation video suggests that the algorithm behind this bot uses safety filters. Specter Finance does this using a one minute chart. One of the most suspicious thing about this app is that they are selling a software worth $500 with a ten minute presentation video.

Fake Testimonials

Search engines are silent about whether Specter Finance works or not. However there are negative reviews and comments flying around social media sites. These comments are from people who have given in to this scam only to get their trading accounts drained. The binary trading community does not recognize Specter Finance and no trading expert or legit company has backed this illegitimate app.

Specter Finance App Scam Review

There are a few people that appear on the Specter Finance presentation video and claim to have won big with this fake app. These people are random and it’s difficult to prove their legitimacy. We fear that they are actors who have been paid to lie in front of the camera. Most binary options fraud hire actors from Fivver.com to say or do anything for five bucks. The trading community does not endorse this app and has zero positive feedback. Trading with this app will without a doubt be taking a huge risk with your money.

Once you sign up with these fraudsters, they will ask you for a small amount for trading. Be assured that once you deposit your money with this app, your money will go down the drain. The fact that they have promised members insane amount of money does not make it legitimate.

Alarming things Found.

The Specter Finance app boasts of having a guaranteed successful rate of 93%. The truth is that there is no trading app on earth that can reach those high accuracy levels. No one, even the best financial traders can achieve such a success rate. No one has that capability to predict what will happen with the trading assets on the trading markets at any given time. This is one of the many bogus crap that this app is selling to us. The next lie they are selling is the fact that you can make over $1,350 per hour.

When you see such claims being thrown around, you have to see the proof. Who has made this profit and can prove it? There is no mention of any third party who can help verify this claim. When you land on the Specter Finance’s home page, there is no third party that proves this claim. This is simply an insane amount of money to make in any financial market, even the experts don’t earn that much. This is clearly evidence that we are dealing with a scam app. This is another proof that we need to vehemently refuse to buy anything that Richard and his team are selling.

Our Conclusion.

Based on the evidence we just produced, it’s safe to point out that traders should avoid this fraud. This service is extremely illegal and the trading community and the regulation authority should put a stop to this scams. We have no other option but to flag Specter Finance app as a total and shameful scam that should be blacklisted.

Specter Finance App Scam Review

Binary options is one of the most lucrative ways to make money online. There are indeed real and genuine apps that will earn users reasonable profit margins. We have to urge traders to get in touch with trusted and renowned binary options experts who will point them to the right direction. We therefore have to clearly point out that Specter Finance is another binary option scam.

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