Tesler App Scam Review – Traders Beware

Tesler App Scam Review – Traders Beware

Tesler Application Review

Tesler App Binary Scam Review

The Tesler is new binary trading software in the market now that has come with many promises. The software states that it has made many people millionaires, through its software in just 181 days. The software is actually said to be founded by Mr. Steven Abrahams who is also introduced as the CEO of this software. Researchers have gone through the official website of Tesler software and found nothing resourceful except a bunch of lies. The official video is where all the fake narrations about earning begins and it is absolutely easy for experienced traders to know the real picture of this software. So, Tesler software is completely unreliable, and it is a pure scam.

The real truth is that the owner of this site does not know what he is talking about because the site is a scam. The testimonials are also not real because the people who give them, do not use their real identities and are not traceable. The 100% money back guarantee they claim is not real because there are a lot of people who have lost lots of money. Everything on this website is a big lie and you should be able to see this as soon as you land on the first page.


Why is Tesler Application a scam?

Fake CEO and Founder of the Software

The man who is seen in the video promo, pretending to be the founder and CEO of the software is actually a paid actor. This man is not at all the founder of this software as a mismatch of identity is found which a great evidence of its fake.

The man is not even available on any social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. How is it possible to trust such software that is hiring some fake actors for representing the CEO of the software? Well and fine enough, this man is no other than a paid actor who neither exists with the given name.

Fake Testimonial Section Displayed

TESLER App Binary Review

The official page contains fake testimonial sections where many members of the software are displayed. However, none of those members is a real one, and the members provide no identity. These pictures might be a stolen one that is simply created and posted on this page to make the website looks legit. One of the testimonies of the person states that he had made $5000 in a single day which is completely impossible with such lame software.

However, the software was registered on 14th December 2016 which is very recently and can you imagine the software generating such huge profits. This is a complete indication of scam software where you will find nothing income at all.

Lead Pattern Algorithm – Such a Fake!!

The software states on its official website state that it works with the “Lead Pattern” Algorithm that generates income for maximum traders. It is really necessary to know that whether this algorithm is really working or not and let me tell you for sure that it is fake.
When I tried searching whether this algorithm really works or not, I found that it is just a fake statement which has nothing to do with practical trade. No, proper algorithm means no trade is possible because good trade always depends on its working algorithm as it is the important assets of trade.

No Trade History Provided on the Website:

The software seems to be assuming so many things about the earning but fails to mention the trading history of its trader. This is a clear indication that the software actually didn’t make even a single trade, as it is not genuine trading software.

Fake Video Presentation

The official website of Tesler software consists a video promo which is totally bogus. The video has nothing resourceful in it except a bunch of fake acting represented by fake CEO and its fake clients. So, making such a fake video shooting and bringing it before people is really shameful thing that this software is found to be guilty of.

There are no provisions of truth in this software because the owner is a fake one, as we already know and all other people alike are paid, actors. The fake acting of all those persons could be really understandable, and all their cooked up words are predictable as well. Thus, this is a high alarming factor of a scam that can make you a victim as well.

No Customer Support is provided

This software doesn’t have any proper channel where you can get help from nor did they provide any proper contact source on the official website. All the genuine software comes up with best customer support and proper channels to contact customers such as email, live chats, etc. The software is actually hiding its real picture from getting revealed before the people as its main intention is to make people join the software. So, new beginners must be very much alert regarding this scam factor which is highly increasing at an alarming rate among the binary options.


Tesler App Binary Scam Review

You should never trust a site that pays people to give fake stories to lure beginners because experienced binary options traders will definitely sense the loopholes in this scam since they know how to spot the red flags. This review should be an eye opener for those people who invest their hard earned money in any binary options trading software without investigating the real motives of the development of such software.

The Tesler App is a binary scam software which is clearly revealed to you now. I hope that you are now very clear with the scam factors of Tesler app, as I have mentioned in this post. If you want to generate profits through binary options, then this is not the right options for you to join. I highly recommend you, to join some licensed binary trading company that can give you best trade.

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