Traders Beware! Revenge Profits Review – This Software is a Scam!

Traders Beware! Revenge Profits Review – This Software is a Scam!

The recent revolution in IT has not only altered the quality of our lives but also affected the ways of earning and spending. Business, being one of the most important factors of any society, usually decides the quality of life of an area and region and its inhabitants.


Due to immense entrance of information technology in almost every field of our lives, it has become an important component that is associated with our routine activities. If we talk about business, I.T has totally changed its appearance in last few years. Online business has been one of the most quickly growing fields of the recent age. But it is very difficult to deal with people in online business due to presence of certain sharp people that want to use short-cuts for success.

Thousands of such scams are trying hard to loot people with cheap but attractive techniques. Revenge Profits Software is one of such dirty dealers that is going to be proved as a blot on the white status of binary options trading. Revenge Profits Software is a binary options trading system that offers certain attractive offers apparently. But in reality none of these clams was proved to be true. After a detailed analysis of this tool we were enabled to write an independent review on Revenge Profits Software that will be proved really a nice gift for all those planning to join binary options trading in near future.

Why Revenge Profits Software is not a Suitable Choice?

Yes! I am going to present an independent review of Revenge Profits Software in the coming lines that will make your minds clear regarding selection of a suitable binary options trading tool. It will also make you aware about the hidden corners of Revenge Profits Software and will expose the actual status of this tool.

Officials of Revenge Profits Software

The promotional video of Revenge Profits Software is a file full of numerous claims and attractive offers. It presents certain unreal tales that look to more of fairy tales than a reality. In the huge crowed of claims we are missing something.

The officials of Revenge Profits Software have not been thought necessary to be disclosed on the website. It is a kind of joke to present a product without having an introduction of its presenters. How should I believe and trust a product when I am going to miss any sort of information regarding its producers. And why will you favor a tool without having a proper knowledge about the root creators of it. No one will like to put his or her money on stake by investing it with certain anonymous people.

Exaggeration in Claiming Success Rate!

According to the promotional video of Revenge Profits Software, the bet worth 500$ can make you able to have a return with a rate of 88%. It is some unreal kind of claim as economists reveal that the return rates although varies in between 70%-80%, still it is impossible to be achieved for a fresher one in the field.

Revenge Profits Scam Review

Alert! Shun Those Scams, and choose the original trading bots.

Moreover they claimed 26 consistent wins in a row that is really something above the reality. Consistency in winnings is a rare phenomenon. And maintaining an unbeatable status for such a long term is certainly a fake statement. Similarly they haven’t mentioned amounts for trades.

Trading without an indication of amount is not only an un-authentic and undesirable action but impossible too. These features actually disclose the real status of Revenge Profits Software. Revenge Profits Software is just focusing on the pressure marketing to attract more and more people, forgetting certain major corners, committing few huge blinders in its promotional video.

Exaggeratedly elevated success rate, extra-ordinary but impossible presentation of consistency of successes and absence of amounts to be mentioned with trades are certain points that going exactly against the Revenge Profits Software. These features are going to make us think about the questionable identity and position of Revenge Profits Software

Certain Odd Claims

That way the officials of Revenge Profits Software are presenting their tool is really above the realities. Such setting may be acceptable in Hollywood movies but not in real life. On one side they are telling us about the use of code names and at the same time they are assuring us the reality of bank transfers.

As per the rules and regulations one must have to be registered with its original name and related information with the bank in order to be able to make bank transfers. No one can have a transfer via bank with code names. This is really a hilarious approach that is adopted just to make people attracted more and more towards their service, which is nothing but to robe people and get their money stolen.

There is a huge controversy in their statements and claims. Another ridiculous statement that they presented via their video is the showing of certain traders who joined them 26th December 2014. It would be an O.K if we had not found certain facts via a deep study of Revenge Profits Software.

A quick study on reveals that Revenge Profits Software has started its life on 22nd January 2015. It means that they have told a prominent and willing lie regarding associated traders, as no organization may have traders before its creation ever. This is another ridiculous claim that is enough to prove the fake status of Revenge Profits Software.

Revenge Profits Scam

Is it Really Free to Join Revenge Profits Software?

In the promotional video, the officials of Revenge Profits Software have claimed several times that joining of Revenge Profits Software is absolutely free of cost. But when it comes to the reality, it was impossible to start working without spending money. It is true that opening an account with Revenge Profits Software is a free task, but this act will lead you to watch another video and then you will have to open another binary options trading account which is impossible without spending a handsome amount of money. It means that such claims are just traps for the innocent people to make them lose their money and earnings in the hands of Revenge Profits Software. I would recommend you to reputable trading bots and be aware of such scammers.

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The trouble is that fame of these software robots has attracted dubious copycats to the market, over-saturating it with binary options auto-traders that are nothing but a rip-off.

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