247 CashBot Scam Review – Stay Away.

247 CashBot Scam Review – Stay Away.

247 CashBot Scam Review.

247 CashBot Scam review

247 CashBot is another trading tool that is full of lies and plans to defraud you. 247CashBot was recently released and the effects are being felt. We have received numerous email complaints from users whose money was lost immediately they deposited with 247 CashBot. This trading tool is full of empty promises such as getting high and quick profits.

We have damning information that exposes 247 CashBot for the scam it is. We urge our readers to read through this transparent and honest review to find out more about 247 CashBot. We also recommend that you trade safely using only genuine and tested trading tools in order to stay away from such fraudsters.

How 247 CashBot works.

247 CashBot apparently sends you trading signals that users should follow. The tool apparently has the capacity to execute over 14 trades every day and apparently trades in every session worldwide. The trade time starts from five to thirty minutes and the signals are sent through MT4, emails and phones. They also throw in the claim that this app is compatible with any asset that users find in Meta trader 4. This is really a ploy to show newbie traders that 247 CashBot can work with any device from anywhere on the face of the planet.

247 CashBot is according to the presentation video an automated trading tool. The home page screams easy and fast money making opportunity. This is a trap to lure unsuspecting traders to sign up with this bogus tool. We have already received numerous email complaints from users who lost money after depositing with this lame trading tool. We decided to conduct a thorough and detailed review that reveals the truth it.

The owners of this trading tool claims 247 CashBot is free of charge and signing up is free. They also mention that this trading tool will make money automatically without users having to break a sweat. This means that users will continue with their daily routines as the bot generates money for them. This also means that newbie traders who do not know anything about trading can easily use this trading tool.

Dear readers, this is all a ploy to lure you into signing up. We feel it’s our duty to expose and shame this trading tool. 247 CashBot is tarnishing the good binary trading world. We must stay alert and read the full review and find out the truth.

Fake Algorithm Claims.

247 CashBot claims to run on a unique auto pilot feature uses NASA algorithm programs to predict the market trends. This is the reason they claim this trading tool will make thousands of dollars per day. The truth of the matter is, when you read the homepage’s disclaimer you will find that these people are lying. The disclaimer reads that the trading tool is not liable for any losses or damages made.

Why then do they claim that the profits are a guarantee? This is an obvious lie to bring in more users and protect themselves from any liabilities. The claim that users will make 100% profit which is guaranteed is all a strategy to steal from you. Once you deposit your money into the crooks account, your money is as good as gone. Yes, no profit will be made. Millions have lost money by simply falling for this promise of guarantee.

Developer of 247 CashBot.

No one knows the real owner of this fake binary trading tool. The presentation video does not show any owners of this scam making 247 CashBot questionable. Why would anyone make such a world breaking trading tool and not want recognition? The banners they use as financial companies that back the trading tool are all fake. CNN and Forbes do not support nor have knowledge of this trading tool. These fraudsters have used the logos in order to try and legitimize 247 CashBot.

The fact that the trading tool has a 100% accuracy level is also bull. The binary trading market as well as any other financial market cannot be predicted all the time. The truth is that the prices of commodities change abruptly due to unforeseen circumstances. These factors include boardroom wars, political interference as well as demand and supply factors. This makes it hard, even for the best traders to predict prices at all times. This means that 247 CashBot wins all trades it places. This is a lie.

The prices are always changing and thus we totally refuse to accept this fact.

247 CashBot using Unregulated Brokers.

247 CashBot Scam Review

Another lie that must be exposed is the fact that the trading tool is using unregulated brokers. Once you sign up with this trading tool, you are not allowed to use your normal broker channels. This is risky in that your money will always be at the mercy of these brokers. Even when you want to withdraw your initial deposit, the process must be approved by these brokers that you don’t know. The problem with unregulated brokers is that you cannot report them when they refuse to give back your money.

With regulated brokers that are trusted and recommended by the trading community, your money is always in safe hands. Some of the brokers that these scam sites use are blacklisted and you should be careful when dealing with them.

Fake User Claims.

We did a thorough investigation using whois.com to determine when the company was registered. We were shocked to find out that the company was registered early April. The fact that the people claiming to have won big with this trading tool are lying. One lie we expose is Anthony who claims to have made over $80,000 since January. How did he make money with this trading tool when the website was not even created? This is definitely a scam to avoid.

The Divisions of Corporations also does not have any date of registration of this company. This is without a doubt the lie of the year. This company is not registered anywhere on the face of the planet making it a total sham.

247 CashBot is NOT FREE.

They claim that this one of a kind trading tool is free of charge. The truth is, once you register, you will be redirected to the member’s page. On this page, you are required to make an initial deposit of $250 to start trading. Didn’t they claim that the trading tool is free? Why are they insisting on users to deposit this money? This is what most people refer to as hidden charges, which is illegal and should not be condoned.

The Truth about Binary Trading.

Binary options are contracts of limited risk based on a simple yes or no market proposition that depicts market trends. This means whether the prices will go up or down by the end of a trading week. They offer traders active indices, forex, commodities, events and bit coin markets with low collateral. Binary options are a simple way to trade the fluctuations of prices in many global markets. The fact that they are saying this tool has a 100% accuracy level is far from the truth. Prices of commodities are affected by world events such as politics, boardroom business agreements and many more.

Our Verdict.

247 CashBot Scam review

247 CashBot is without a doubt a scam. Stay away from it and trade safely using tested and recommended trading tools.

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