Binary Option Robot Reviews and Ratings

Binary Option Robot Reviews and Ratings

binary options robot review
[yasr_multiset setid=0] [yasr_overall_rating size=”medium”] A few years ago, I really didn’t even know what a binary options robot was. A friend at work started telling me how he was using one and was making money every day. He painstakingly explained it all to me. I know it was tough for him because I’m not very tech savvy. He also knew that I had tried my hand at trading before and lost money, so I was a little gun-shy, if you know what I mean.
He gave me a crash course in binary options robots, saying that binary options trading had become more and more popular in the world of finance over the past few years. This is due to the fact that binary options give people a method whereby they can trade numerous financial assets and generate vast returns within a relatively short period of time.

He further explained to me that a binary options robot is an auto-trading system for executing automatic trades in a trading account. He said that it is based on combined trading signals and styles, giving the user some degree of control. He also told me that a binary options robot is not only an auto-trader, but a signal provider as well. Forex traders have been using these bots for some time now for trading, but they’re still fairly new when it comes to binary options.

He went on to tell me that the website he was using is binary option robot and that it is a special type of automated binary options robot. He even said that signing up was free. So, he sent me to the site to check it out and see if it might be something that could be right for me.

I have to say that I was amazed at how user friendly the site was and how quick it was to sign up. Within minutes I had an open account with StockPair and was able to take advantage of their special offer for five free trades when I made my initial deposit. Other account options are Tradorax (mainly for US traders) and 24Options, but I had done some research and especially liked what I read about StockPair. Apart from the free version, you can also enjoy:

  • Access to 4 binary option brokers
  • Up to 5 trading indicators
  • 7 maximum simultaneous trades
  • Up to 7 currency pairs as opposed to 2
  • Amounts vary from $5 to $500 per trade for the different brokers
  • Variable time frames
  • Free upgrades
  • 60 days Money back guarantee

Another thing that I liked was that they have live chat. It drives me crazy when I have to deal with a website where your only option for communicating with them is via email or phone. I always end up waiting endlessly for a return email or being on hold forever. With live chat, I get immediate answers to my questions and, being a beginner, I had a lot of those.

The fact that this binary option robot combines flexibility with innovation by requiring a simple downloads from from their platform and not from third parties made me feel even more comfortable with using their system. I also loved being able to just sit back and relax while the binary options robot does all the work for me. Even better is being able to choose my risk level and view my entire trade history on the dashboard. Everything about it is so simple to use that it seems like even a child could make money-making trades with it. Right from the start, using a binary options robot helps beginners to make trades without having to be tech savvy. Amazing.

[box type=”info”] Now mind you, I didn’t go into this thing just on my friend’s word. I trust him, but I wanted to do my own research as well. So, I started checking online for Binary Options Robot Reviews and that’s what really helped me to turn the corner and make the decision to try this new technology. There were some bots that received unfavorable reviews and there were even some that were listed in online Binary Options Robot Scam reports, but binary option robot was not one of them, so I knew I would be in good hands.[/box]

I’ve now learned that bots are programmed to automatically trade in currency pairs, stock assets and indices via trading platforms. They have recently become extremely popular because automatic trades are usually profitable with minimal risk. Software programs like the one at binary option robot use the market data that they examine and then utilize that information that is gathered for automatically executing astute trades that lead to profits.

Now, I’ve been trading with the binary options robot for a little over two years now and so far it has given me an 82 percent accuracy rate, which makes me very happy. It really is one of the very best. It tells me when to place a trade and, although it certainly can’t guarantee a 100 percent win rate, it comes pretty close and has been keeping me consistently profitable with my trades.

I figure anytime I can be winning better than 8 out of 10 times, I’m doing really well, especially for a beginner. And, the fact that no prior experience is necessary with this bot makes all the difference in the world to someone like me. Better still, now I can trade even when I’m nowhere near my computer. I’ve definitely decided that automatic is the only way to go.

binary option robot reviews

All in all I have to say that Binary-Option-Robot has turned out to be a secure and easy way for getting involved in trading binary options for me. Being able to make trades and earn profits even in my sleep has given me a whole new outlook on the future. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel where once was just a battle to make ends meet by working in a dead-end job. I’m looking forward to the day in the near future when I can retire comfortably thanks to BinaryOptionRobot.

To start using the robot for trading today, you need to register an account with after which you’ll be required to fund your broker account in order to make use of the robot.

I hope my own personal review and experience has been helpful for you.

[author] [author_image timthumb=’off’][/author_image] [author_info]Bob has been trading binary options for 5 years now and has since then gained a massive wealth of experience in the field. He enjoys teaching his audience what works and what doesn’t as he believes that rookies will one day rise to the top.[/author_info] [/author]


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