Codefibo Honest Binary Review – Legit Binary Bot

Codefibo Honest Binary Review – Legit Binary Bot


Codefibo Binary Review

Code Fibo is a Binary Options trading software commonly known as an Auto-Trader. This means that it allows you to trade manually and you can also download a software, like Code Fibo app for instance, which essentially chooses and executes your trades for you automatically. This is often a good start for novice traders who are unsure of how to read and analyze the markets themselves.


According to the creator Matthew Lewis, Code Fibo software is mainly based off of Crowd sentiment, the famous Fibonacci strategy plus the Golden Ratio, more commonly known as Phi.

This is a never before used combination. One which we feel could be quite powerful. For those of you still brand new to trading and are unsure of what Fibonacci means, here is a quick break down for you…

The Fibonacci strategy is based off of the Fibonacci sequence. It is considered to be a ‘predictive’ technical indicator used in trading. This sequence was made famous by the Italian mathematician Leonardo of Pisa, known as Fibonacci. These number sequences are found everywhere, even in nature as Matthew Louise explains during his presentation video on Code Fibo App.


Yes! Lead developer Carl Leary made sure of that. Code Fibo software has been designed so that it is easy enough to understand & navigate even for newbie traders. The Code Fibo platform colors are easy on the eye and the speed is pretty good as well. We will be testing out this new app so be sure to subscribe to us and you will see the inside of the app and how easy it is to use and profit with.

Codefibo Binary Review

Code Fibo App offers you the choice of trading either on full auto-pilot or with their manual signals section. The manual signals are more for those with a little experience and who prefer a more hands on approach. The system has been programmed to generate up to eighty signals or trades a week.

This means with their purported winning ratio of 82% you could be getting roughly sixteen trades a day and out of the 80 trades generated, around 66-70 of those should be in the money. Stay tuned for our live trading session where we will be testing the performance of Code Fibo and giving you a basic walk through of the software and how to use it to your advantage.

Our reason for writing a Code Fibo Review and wanting to test the app is because this is yet another industry first. No software other than Super Simple Bot, has placed so much emphasis on building their algorithm around a long time proven trading strategy. Aside the fact that this production is also far from the usual scams we review and expose daily. We could not pinpoint any scam tactics here.

Trading is a passion! And when we find a software that goes back to good, old school traditions and proven principals & strategies, we couldn’t be more excited to test it out. In doing research for our review, we already happened across a number of positive articles and videos surrounding the all new Code Fibo app. This means we are not the only ones excited about trying it out.


As mentioned earlier in our review, we are really excited to test Code Fibo auto-trader. Furthermore, we do not feel this is a scam system as there was none of the usual evidence to be found and exposed. Although this is still a brand new system so only time will tell regarding its performance. Code Fibo system is one of the most advanced trading system to use at the moment because as up to now no one has ever claimed that he/she has lost money by using this software

Codefibo Honest Review

In conclusion it has been proven beyond that Code Fibo is not a scam. Researchers have also reviewed that there are no testimonials on the Code Fibo site. Reviews have also shown that there are no testimonials on this site; Code Fibo app is an excellent great software for binary options trading. This software offers a great chance to earn a good amount of money. This it does by providing Winning Signals that allows you to earn good money. For MORE REVIEWS

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