Commodity Profits App Scam Review – Shady Scam

Commodity Profits App Scam Review – Shady Scam

Commodity Profits App Scam Review.

Commodity Profits App Scam Review

Commodity Profits App is another storm in the making. Commodity Profits App is scamming newbie traders and online investors right left and center. Commodity Profits App has managed to do this with the help of email marketing techniques that they are using. To add salt to the injury, they are guaranteeing quick and high profit margins all by a touch of a button.

They claim that Commodity Profits App is endorsed by the CNN which is another of his big lies. There is nothing at all that would support this by any means. We have seen these scam sites give the same claims that they have been endorsed by the likes of BBC, FOX and even magazines such as Forbes while this is entirely false. This old trick only serves to convince people that the scams are legitimate while in the real sense we all now they are not even an inch closer to be being legal.

If you are new in the binary options market, there is the need to be on the lookout for sites such as terabit trader and others that are on the way. There are 27 alleged millionaires who in the real sense do not exist. These are made up because there is not even evidence to support the truth behind this deception. Attempts to find at least two testimonies but apparently, there has been no success in this.

Therefore it is also clear that the people in the promotion video claiming to have gained from Commodity Profits App are only actors and to add on to the name are liars as well.

Lies Exposed.

When you enter your personal details on the homepage you will be redirected to another page for registration. On this page, you will find testimonials from members of Commodity Profits App. However, these are not real users of it. The pictures alongside the reviews are very different people. This means that the names of the users are fake and do not match the people in the pictures. We did a follow-up of the photos used for the users only to find out that they had been obtained from other people’s twitter accounts. It is clear that dishonesty in the site is way too much and keeps on building up.
There is only one thing that makes quite some sense in the binary options field and that is the profits. They are quite realistic since they are not very high. The capital however, needs to be more than the $250. When it comes to the accuracy, we all can agree that 96% is totally absurd for any binary options system. This kind of accuracy has not even been achieved by the giant names in financial fields.

Fake Security Badges.

Commodity Profits App website is filled with several security badges. This is probably meant to mean that your information is very secure. However, if you look at the URL of this website, you will see that it does not begin with https which means that it is not SSL secured. There is a possibility that your information is going to be shared with third parties. Furthermore, the badges have not been verified which makes us wonder if they are real.

They claim Commodity Profits App can make $7000 per day is farfetched. Even the best trading tool that is very accurate doesn’t earn more than $1000. If these kinds of tools existed, we would be having very many millionaires. He says that 319 residents became millionaires. This is not a small feat to accomplish. This kind of news ought to have been published in major news sites. All we needed was for him to give us links to articles that have been written about this Commodity Profits App but there isn’t any.

Commodity Profits App Scam Review

The 100% money back guarantee they claim is not real because there are a lot of people who have lost lots of money. Everything about this website is a big lie and you should be able to see this as soon as you land on the first page.

Another suspicious thing about the website is the way they claim that there are only a few spots left therefore one should hurry up before they get finished. This is the kind of statement that is mostly used to convince unsuspecting newbies who tend to think that they are missing out on a golden opportunity.

More Red Flags.

This is one of the traps used to lure newbies into thinking that they will get more than they have invested. This method is also used by other developers but the one on Commodity Profits App are more hyped. What happens is that with the false promises filled in their head, new binary options traders will want to invest a huge amount of money so that they can get huge returns without realizing that they are walking into a trap in broad daylight.

People realize too late that they have been scammed by Commodity Profits App but by then there is no way that you can get your money back because there is a policy by industry standards on bonuses that should be accepted. This gives the scammers a chance to pocket your hard earned money. Many people have lost their money this way and if you look carefully online, you might find their stories on how they were scammed by Commodity Profits App.

Commodity Profits App has been developed by a team of experts who claim to be very experienced. However, you will realize that none of them shows us their profiles and or trading history which would have helped us believe their claims of having made lots of money. A trading system that has no real developer does not make sense at all and is very suspicious. There is high likelihood that the system has been developed by a scam artist and he has hidden his façade behind the alleged team of developers.

Commodity Profits App is web based and can work on smart phones, tablets and computers. As soon as you have completed all the registration requirements, you can start trading immediately with the click of a button. The alleged team of developers claims that many people have achieved massive success using this trading tool and now they want you to also make money.

They go ahead to claim that you can make thousands of dollars daily using Commodity Profits App. In other words, they are claiming that you can become a millionaire within a short period of time after using it.

The Truth.

Binary options websites are so many online and therefore you should not feel forced to sign up to a particular website that is not trustworthy especially after you have gotten a warning from a detailed review such as this one. There is no doubt Commodity Profits Appis just but miserable scam trading tool that will empty your pockets. This does not implicate that all binary options related websites are only interested in your money.

Our Verdict.

Commodity Profits App Scam Review

Commodity Profits App is without a doubt one of the most dubious binary options scams. The people behind it are professional thieves who steal online identities. You cannot work at home and hot a button and everything just falls into play. We have no option but to flag Commodity Profits App as a scam that should not be tolerated. Avoid Commodity Profits App and trade safe with legitimate and approved binary robots that are genuine.

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