FintecBot Scam Review – Dubious Scam Tool.

FintecBot Scam Review – Dubious Scam Tool.

FintecBot Scam Review.

FintecBot Scam Review

FintecBot is the latest binary trading tool scam to hit the lucrative binary financial world. FintecBot was introduced late last week and has already caused uproar from users who claim their money was lost after depositing with FintecBot. FintecBot is promising high and quick profit margins and this is a trap that most newbie traders and online investors fall for. Read this review and get the truth.

What made us question this bot was the notion that it will guarantee 90% of all winning trades. Let’s be honest with each other, the only way that an app can have such a high accuracy level is if the app can totally predict the future. We all know that no one can predict the future let alone the financial markets since the market is always volatile and changes in prices occur abruptly and without warning. This accuracy level is just way too high and a ploy by these scammers to lure unsuspecting binary options traders as well as online investors into signing up with FintecBot.

Another alarming factor that must be looked at is the fact that they claim that this bot can be configured by users for optimum or maximum returns. Kindly do not be fooled by these empty promises that are thrown at you by fraudsters who only want to lure in with huge promises only for you to lose your money in a heartbeat once you start depositing your money with their trading account. If this bit was really reliable and accurate as they promise, then we would know who is behind this app. This factor is hidden from us making us question FintecBot even more.

When you land on FintecBot’s website,, you will see the supposed results from the users who have apparently used FintecBot. We can strongly confirm that these people are not real but some fabricated stories that include identity theft. This is a method used by online fraudsters to try and legitimize their scams so that newbie traders can believe that this app really exists. The database used by the users is totally fake since the information given to us is in text mode and not in visual.

How does this software works?

FintecBot Scam Review

On the presentation video, they claim FintecBot was designed to configure and match any binary trade for maximum returns in terms of profit. As mentioned earlier, we don’t have a clue on who came up with this ridiculous trading tool hence questioning the systems intelligence in terms of executing trades on behalf of traders or the tool’s users. The problem with FintecBot is that we really don’t have a clue as to how this bot works and if you decide to use this system, the results will most likely leave your account high and dry.

This app apparently sends you trading signals that users should follow. The app apparently has the capacity to execute over 14 trades every day and apparently trades in every session worldwide. The trade time starts from five to thirty minutes and the signals are sent through MT4, emails and phones. They also throw in the claim that this app is compatible with any asset that users find in Meta trader 4. This is really a ploy to show newbie traders that this app can work with any device from anywhere on the face of the planet.

Registering FintecBot.

What happens after registering with FintecBot? You will be redirected to the member’s page. Users are required to fill in the page with their contact details including names. You are required to make an initial deposit of $250 to start trading. If you remember clearly, one of the first things they mentioned is that FintecBot is free. They also require you to sign up with their preferred broker. There is no mention of the broker’s name or company. This means that withdrawing funds from FintecBot is at the mercy of the broker. You are not guaranteed of your money, don’t forget that the broker is unregulated.

Developer of FintecBot.

Harry Grey is the person we are led to believe created this app. FintecBot is that is offering the binary trading world users a guarantee of $3,000 daily. FintecBot is given to us free of charge. This is one of the many reasons why we immediately smelt a rat and decided to investigate further, this wonder trading tool. FintecBot uses a one of a kind super algorithm that allows users to have an advantage over others.

FintecBot’s algorithm apparently does magic when running on auto pilot mode. This means if you have never traded, you don’t know what put or call is. The tool execute trades for you while you do your other chores. They say you need to follow some of their experts’ trade patterns, and you will be a pro in no time. All this seems all too good to be true, and as we always say in our reviews, be wary of scams. FintecBot is a scam that should be avoided at all cost.

We have concrete evidence that proves that the people behind this rotten scam are also the ones behind Binary trading scams. We can almost immediately start to see too many similarities between names of two scams and hence we joined the dots. For us, the difference between scams is the names, otherwise, everything else shouts at the same scam artists. Who would come up with a legitimate tool and not want recognition for it? Only scammers would pretend to have a legitimate tools and not show their names because they know that this is a risk they can’t take.

Damaging Information.

One of the many mistakes that these fraudsters commit is on the trade dates. We are able to detect and clearly point out one of the many mistakes that these fraudsters commit. The date 26th March is clearly marked as a successful trade date. If you take your time to look at your calendar, this is on a Sunday. There is no financial market trading that operates on weekends. This is concrete proof that FintecBot is completely fake and does not hold any bearing in the real world. How is FintecBot able to trade during the weekends?

You cannot be respected or taken seriously when you claim that your app works 24/7. This is simply one of those lies that you have to point out. This is crystal clear evidence that we are dealing with bona fide scam artists. We have always pointed out in our previous scam reviews that apps that beat the clock on weekends are just scam. The video presentation also shows that FintecBot is an approved and verified app. This is not true. Even the binary community trading world doesn’t know about this app.

There is no third party to verify any of FintecBot’s claims.

Our Take.

FintecBot Scam Review

FintecBot is without a doubt one of the most dubious binary options scams. The people behind this it are professional thieves who steal online identities. You cannot work at home and hot a button and everything just falls into play. We have no option but to flag FintecBot as a scam that should not be tolerated. Avoid it and trade safe with legitimate and approved binary robots that are genuine.

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