NEO2 Binary Software – The Best There Is!

NEO2 Binary Software – The Best There Is!

Neo2 Software Review

Neo2 Binary Robot

Neo2 is a brand new binary options automated system that is already making headlines in the binary options industry due to its ability to make traders thousands of dollars. The founder of this NEO2 software is known as Dr Jack Piers who was a former employee of NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). He previously developed a system that could predict the weather and it worked quite well. After that, he decided to develop the Neo2 software but he felt there was something missing. It was not until Michael Freeman came along that he was able to figure out what he needed. The latter guy is a well known analyst and trading expert. He currently has the largest number of subscribers on YouTube in his niche and is also the owner of a Facebook Signals Group. When they combined their ideas, they were able to come up with the complete version of the Neo2 system.

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Seeing Michael Freeman in this NEO2 video is like a breath of fresh air. If you try searching for him on YouTube, you will confirm that everything that Dr Jack Piers says about him is all true. The same guy you see in the introduction video is the same one you will see in the YouTube channels so it is not someone trying to use his name to lute you into signing up. He is very experienced in what he does so when you find software such as Neo2 where he has played a great role in, you should definitely give him a try for he never disappoints.

There is an excerpt of a news articles from TechCrunch written by Kate Conger. Part of it reads, “NOAA (The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) endorsed Dr. Jack Piers for his revolutionary Solar Tracker. Cutting-edge tracking technology for weather has been converged with innovative trading algorithms, and will be able to predict the price of our commodities weeks in advance.” This indeed proves that the good doctor’s inventions were indeed appreciated by such well established bodies. If you try searching for Kate Conger on Google, you will find out that she really does work at TechCrunch. There are two more articles one from Forbes by Nathan Furr and another from These writers indeed work at the mentioned places so the articles they have written about Amit Gupta are real. That obviously means that the badges posted on the website are as real as they can be.


There are also two other people who help in the running of this NEO2 system one of them being Amit Gupta who is the Lead Programmer and the President of Neo2 while William Van Loon is the Chief Financial officer and investor. Unlike other scam software where they pay actors to play roles they know nothing about, these people are indeed professionals who are the best at what they do. They have your best interests at heart and will be with you all the way till you earn your first pay. They take the pains to explain what their system entails and have made it in such a way that experienced and new binary options traders have an easy time when it comes to making money online.

How to join Neo2 trading software

If you want to start making profits as soon as possible, joining Neo2 is very easy. You will be required to fill in the needed details in the member’s area and then deposit the required minimum amount of $250 to the recommended NEO2 broker account. You can then turn on the Autotrading, set the level of risk to low and trade size to $25. This software has a high winning rate of 86%. The best part about is that you do not have to do anything to start making money because it is completely automated.

Neo2 Best Binary Robot

The Neo2 beta tester free lifetime version is free and can make you $2500-$4100 in the first week of Autotrading while the pro-version comes with a software license for 12 months and can make you $2750-$5000 on your first week of Autotrading.

Is it profitable?

Yes. Unlike other scam software which gives us overhyped reviews that make no sense, the Neo2 software developers present us with only facts. It is easy to follow and start making the $125 per hour that they promise you. If you try searching online, you will be amazed by the number of people who have made real money from this NEO2 software. Their profits are indeed guaranteed and even if the losses are there, they are very minimal. They even show real photos of the Neo2 software in action and not just some photo shopped ones gotten from the internet.

NEO2 Best Binary Robot

The Neo2 software has a facebook signals group where you can discover great projects with your friends. This simply means that you are not alone when it comes to Neo2 because you have other traders that you can share with and also learn new things about binary options trading from each other. This is not just a facebook icon added to the NEO2 website to make it look real because it does work and can be accessed as soon as you become a member.

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There are testimonials on the website that prove that traders are indeed raking in massive profits. The people who give them are real traders of the Neo2 software and not just any hired actors. They indeed have knowledge of what binary options trading entails and do not give unnecessary information just to force you to sign up.


Neo2 Honest Binary Review

After coming across many scam software, Neo2 is indeed a breath of fresh air. It does not have scam tactics such as countdown timers and limited licenses to force you to sign up rather it only gives you the necessary facts that will help you earn your first online dollars. The traders behind it are trustworthy people who want you to make good money for a change. Neo2 is definitely recommended for any serious trader who wants to invest in trustworthy software. Get the best in binary trading robots HERE

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