Pocket Option Scam Review – Scandalous Bot.

Pocket Option Scam Review – Scandalous Bot.

Pocket Option Scam Review.

Retailed Profits Scam Review

Pocket Option is yet another disaster waiting to happen. Yes, Pocket Option has been scamming from millions since it was introduced last week. From the empty promises of making $4000 daily to the fact that Pocket Option runs on auto pilot feature, we believe that this is all a lie. Read this detailed and transparent review to find out more.

We are alarmed at the ends these fraudsters have gone too to tarnish the lucrative binary trading world. Pocket Option is promising users over three thousand dollars every day. In fact, this is a guarantee. Pocket Option is also free of charge according to the presentation video. We decided to expose the scam that Pocket Option is.

If you scroll down at the home page, you will see claims for verified analysis and also verified trading results. The alarming thing is that these people do not present us with any third party results. When a bot makes claims like these, we have to see proof that we can verify in order to ascertain the results of trading with this bot.

Developer of Pocket Option.

Poket Option is a fraudulent trading tool since the presentation video does reveal the name of its creator. Pocket Option is definitely a scam since we cannot believe what the presenter of the video says. This is clearly a money making scheme meant to take advantage of unsuspecting online investors. Who would invent a profitable money making tool and not get recognition? This is one of the many lies we will expose in this full blown exposure Pocket Option scam. Here’s another lie we uncovered.

Pocket Option runs on auto pilot mode and has an appealing winning rate of over 93%. The presentation video claims that there is no trading tool on earth that can match its qualities. This all sounds very convincing and that’s why we decided to continue digging. Pocket Option claims that their algorithm apparently does magic when running on auto pilot mode.

Pocket Option claims the program is endorsed by the CNN which is another of his big lies. There is nothing at all that would support this by any means. We have seen these scam sites give the same claims that they have been endorsed by the likes of BBC, FOX and even magazines such as Forbes while this is entirely false. This old trick only serves to convince people that the scams are legitimate while in the real sense we all now they are not even an inch closer to be being legal.

Pocket Option Scam Exposed.

Retailed Profits Scam Review

Pocket Option promise to rewards traders with not less than $10467 on the daily basis. If only this was true, there would be so many successful people out there who would owe credit to winwin signals. That is to say that hitting $1000 per day is not possible in the financial market and so is it in the binary options. This is evident in legitimate binary options sites and applications where people earn a maximum of around $900.

Pocket Option apparently sends you trading signals that users should follow. It apparently has the capacity to execute over 14 trades every day and apparently trades in every session worldwide. The trade time starts from five to thirty minutes and the signals are sent through MT4, emails and phones. They also throw in the claim that this bot is compatible with any asset that users find in Meta trader 4. This is really a ploy to show newbie traders that this bot can work with any device from anywhere on the face of the planet.

Search engines are silent whether Pocket Option works or not. However there are negative reviews and comments flying around social media sites. These comments are from people who have given in to this scam only to get their trading accounts drained. The binary trading community does not recognize Pocket Option and no trading expert or legit company has backed this illegitimate trading tool.

Fake Testimonials.

There are a few people that appear on Pocket Option’s presentation video and claim to have won big with this fake Bot. These people are random and it’s difficult to prove their legitimacy. We fear that they are actors who have been paid to lie in front of the camera. Most binary options fraud hire actors from Fivver.com to say or do anything for five bucks. The trading community does not endorse this bot which has zero positive feedback. Trading with this bot will without a doubt be taking a huge risk with your money.

The Pocket Option website is filled with several security badges. This is probably meant to mean that your information is very secure. However, if you look at the URL of this website, you will see that it does not begin with https which means that it is not SSL secured. There is a possibility that your information is going to be shared with third parties. Furthermore, the badges have not been verified which makes us wonder if they are real.

How Pocket Option Works.

The video explains that Pocket Option is connected to databases of brokers and trading platforms. Pocket Option then logs into these databases and predicts the assets promoted by owners of the biggest firms in the world, therefore, calculating the result of the trade. The calculations are aided by algorithms of Pocket Option. This is what we get from the explanation offered in the video. The owners of the biggest firms pay huge amounts of cash for personal security and there is no way you will be in a position to track or rather spy on them.

When you enter your personal details on the homepage you will be redirected to another page for registration. On this page, you will find testimonials from members of Pocket Option. However, these are not real users of the system. The pictures alongside the reviews are very different people. This means that the names of the users are fake and do not match the people in the pictures. We did a follow-up of the photos used for the users only to find out that they had been obtained from other people’s twitter accounts.

It is clear that dishonesty in the site is way too much and keeps on building up.

Pocket Option using Fake User Claims.

We did a thorough investigation using whois.com to determine when the company was registered. We were shocked to find out that the company was registered early April. The fact that the people claiming to have won big with this trading tool are lying. One lie we expose is Fidel who claims to have made over $150,000 since January. How did he make money with this trading tool when the website was not even created? This is definitely a scam to avoid.

The Divisions of Corporations also does not have any date of registration of this company. This is without a doubt the lie of the year. This company is not registered anywhere on the face of the planet making it a total sham.

Our Verdict.

Retailed Profits Scam Review

Pocket Option is obviously a scam. From the unknown developer to over the moon profit margins, steer clear from it. There are indeed genuine and tested trading tools for you to use in order to earn. These trading tools are trusted and the binary trading community use them because they are realistic. Stay clear from Pocket Option and use only the best trading tools.

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