Profit Magnet Scam Review – LoSS Scam

Profit Magnet Scam Review – LoSS Scam

Profit Magnet Scam Review.

Profit Magnet Scam Review

Pocket Magnet is another binary trading tool that is scamming millions of people. Pocket Magnet was released early this week and has already caused big losses to all who signed up. From the fake expected income of over $1000 daily to auto pilot mode, we recommend you stay away. We have damning information that reveals the whole truth about Profit Magnet. Read the whole truth below.

After receiving thousands of email complaints from users whose money was stolen, we decided to conduct a thorough investigation and find out the truth about Pocket Magnet. Pocket Magnet is offering the binary trading world users a guarantee of $1000 daily. Pocket Magnet is given to us free of charge. This is one of the many reasons why we immediately smelt a rat and decided to investigate further, this wonder app. Pocket Magnet uses a one of a kind super algorithm that allows users to have an advantage over others.

Developer of Profit Magnet.

The founders of Pocket Magnet is Aaron Martin. This is the information found in the promotion video in the website belonging to Pocket Magnet. Scott says that they started by developing version One 2 years ago before releasing version 2. This is a big lie because after checking the domain age, you will discover that the website was registered on 15th June 2016. That is hardly a year from the registration date up to now. Therefore all Scott says simply does not add up and he better tell those lies somewhere else but not on the internet.

There is only one thing that makes quite some sense in the binary options field and that is the profits. They are quite realistic since they are not very high. The capital however, needs to be more than the $250. When it comes to the accuracy, we all can agree that 96% is totally absurd for any binary options system. This kind of accuracy has not even been achieved by the giant names in financial fields.

Fake Members.

There are “members” who claim to have made thousands of dollars using Pocket Magnet. These are just but claims that are not supported with evidence. Live results or trading history would have been more convincing. There are other people who speak in the introduction video. If you have used visited many of the binary options sites, you will see that most of these people are very familiar. This is because they are Fiverr actors. Fiverr is a site where people are paid as low as $5 to say what the developer wants.

You should note that all the members have no idea what binary options is all about. They are just saying what they have been told to say, in fact, others have appeared in many binary options scam sites and they can say the words without being told.

Pocket Magnet trading on Weekends.

Profit Magnet Scam Review

One of the many mistakes that these fraudsters commit is on the trade dates. We are able to detect and clearly point out one of the many mistakes that these fraudsters commit. The date 26th March is clearly marked as a successful trade date. If you take your time to look at your calendar, this is on a Sunday. There is no financial market trading that operates on weekends.

First of all, the individual that calls himself Aaron Martin is not really him because the picture that is purported to be him was just purchased on the internet which puts a doubt in our minds about the legitimacy of the website. Another thing that shows that the so called Aaron Martin is a scam artist is that if you try searching his name in social media networks and online profiles, you will not come up with any substantial information which means that the name is just made up to represent the face.

The way he also claims to have discovered things that other trading tools developers haven’t is also suspicious because from the first look at the website, there is nothing unique about it. It is therefore conclusive that this is just a tactic meant to lure newbies into signing up because they think they have hit the jackpot.

Pocket Magnet is web based and can work on smart phones, tablets and computers. As soon as you have completed all the registration requirements, you can start trading immediately with the click of a button. The alleged developer claims that many people have achieved massive success using it and now they want you to also make money. They go ahead to claim that you can make thousands of dollars daily using Pocket Magnet. In other words, they are claiming that you can become a millionaire within a short period of time after using Pocket Magnet.

Why Pocket Magnet is NOT PROFITABLE.

The story Pocket Magnet is being offered from a limited amount of time is one that we have heard of a number of times and are getting weary of. This is a trick used to lure innocent traders into believing that they are missing out on a great opportunity when in the real sense they are walking into a scammers den. Pocket Magnet promises 100% success rate which is obviously exaggerated.

Most of the people who have used this scam will confirm to you that they only experienced losses while using it. Furthermore, there is absolutely no trading tool that works wonders like this one claims because if it were there, then many people would have already become millionaires.

More Red Flags.

If you scroll down at the home page, you will see claims for verified analysis and also verified trading results. The alarming thing is that these people do not present us with any third party results. When a trading tool makes claims like these, we have to see proof that we can verify in order to ascertain the results of trading with Pocket Magnet.

No Demo Account.

Another flaw with Pocket Magnet is that there is no demo account that newbie traders can use in order to get used to using this robot. The customer service does not work and sending emails to the help desk won’t help since you will never get a reply from these scammers. Binary options are contracts of limited risk that are based on a simple yes or no market proposition that depicts whether the market will go up or down by the end of a trading week.

They offer traders ways in which they can trade the most active indices, forex, commodities, events and bit coin markets with relatively low collateral.

Pocket Magnet NOT FREE.

They claim that this one of a kind trading tool is free of charge. The truth is, once you register, you will be redirected to the member’s page. On this page, you are required to make an initial deposit of $250 to start trading. Didn’t they claim that the trading tool is free? Why are they insisting on users to deposit this money? This is what most people refer to as hidden charges, which is illegal and should not be condoned.

Our Verdict.

Profitv Magnet Scam REVIEW

Pocket Magnet is without a doubt one of the most dubious binary options scams. The people behind it are professional thieves who steal online identities. You cannot work at home and hot a button and everything just falls into play. We have no option but to flag Pocket Option as a scam that should not be tolerated. Avoid Pocket Option and trade safe with legitimate and approved binary robots that are genuine.

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