Swarm Intelligence Review – Real or Scam

Swarm Intelligence Review – Real or Scam

Swarm Intelligence Review

Swam Intelligence Binary Review

Swarm Intelligence is the latest app to join the binary trading world. This software was developed and created by a one Dr. Steven Francis and was introduced just a few days ago. The question that has been on every one’s mind is whether Swarm Intelligence has the credibility that the developer claims. We did a thorough investigation to determine whether the achievements being flown around this app are true. We hear that the achievements made during the trading procession is quite impressive. We would love to share our thoughts and comments on whether this app is a genuine app or just another scam gracing the binary trading world.


The Developer

Dr. Steven Francis claims to hold a PHD in Animal Behavior and for the past ten years and all this time, he has been studying and researching the behavior of animals and their adaptively in certain environmental scenarios. The idea behind this bot is based on what happens in nature. Simply put, it allows a group of people to make better and informed decisions that individuals or one particular person couldn’t make it on their own. The doctor believes that humans tend to naturally act primitively and predict actions according to their own line of thoughts and so, they tend to get most things wrong. The doctor tried this app betting on twenty horses on a narrow track.

Swam Intelligence Binary Review

They participated in the Kentucky Derby and since they knew the positions of the horses, they used the Swarm Intelligence app and the bot had accurately predicted the four winning horses in the exact same order. The odds of making such a prediction is known as SuperFecta. This literally means that if any person at the derby had made a bet of $100 would have made over $50K.

Why Swarm Intelligence is making Such a Fuss

Dr. Steven wanted to develop something that would predict and execute trades that were only winning trades. The doctor claims that this goal was achieved by developing a unique trading algorithm that executed only winning trades. This Swam Intelligence uses mechanical trading as well technical analysis to make this amazing trades. This algorithm analyzes both optimal strike rate as well as trades to make the perfect trades.

Our Conclusion

Swam Intelligence Binary Review

To sum up this review, we definitely would recommend that you take time before using this app or used our genuine and recommended trading bot that has been approved and tested by the regulation authorities. The principles behind this bot is definitely one of a kind and we have no option but to flag this bot as a not so good and also a reliable bot to use.

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